As I write from my heart today, I expose the enemy of my soul. Twenty-four hours of nonstop spiritual attacks. Diversion attacks are something that distracts the mind. How often do you feel like everything happens at once? The internet goes down, after working perfectly for two years. Resetting routers, changing passwords, removing twenty-seven devices, and reconnecting again. Hassle. Distraction. Consuming your time.

When your internet is finally restored, the cell phone goes down. A brand-new phone, working perfectly for the first two weeks. Suddenly, there is a SIM card issue. Two hours and twenty-four minutes on speakerphone with tech support at your phone company. Briefly forgetting patience and holding back those dreaded words “Can I speak to the manager?”

Tempted to blast your misery across social media. Knowing while you wait nearly three hours on a support call, you can gather a pity party response. Plus a few sales pitches inviting you to change phone companies. Irritating. Distracting. Diversions.

Finally, after two-and-a-half hours of diverted attention, the phone company decides to send a replacement phone. Asking if you want to “pay an extra fee to get the phone before noon.” Upselling and pressing your urgent emotional need.

Waking up refreshed and letting go of yesterday, it’s time to work, write a book, and move forward in your ministry. Insert contact lenses for vision. Can you see where this is headed? Can. You. See.

One hour later and you cannot see. Swollen and red eyes. Stinging from the effort to remove a ripped contact lens. Another diversion to keep you off your productivity path.

Or perhaps, trying to divert you off the path of writing beautiful words to reflect your love for Jesus.


“The last thing God wants for His children is a spirit of fear regarding the enemy.” -Beth Moore, Breaking Free Bible Study 


So, I sent messengers to them, saying, “I am doing a great work and cannot come down. Why should the work cease while I leave it and go down to you?” Four times they sent me the same proposal, and I gave them the same reply. (Nehemiah 6:3-4 HCSB)


I’m living for today when I recognize how spiritual attacks are common for the Bride of Christ. How I react when attacked, is critical to my spiritual health. And so today, I choose to be mindful of my actions and words. As I pick up and put on the Armor of God, I do not cower in defeat. And most importantly, I do not grab the victim label, complaining about my misery today. Instead, I put Satan behind me, live for today, and give my glory to God.


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