Daily devotionals are a heart connection. They reach into the places of encouragement. And so they inspire and motivate. Devotions help us worship God with enthusiasm and love.

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Daily devotions reach into places of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, worship, enthusiasm, and love.

I still remember the day I arrived for a meeting at my kids’ school. When I arrived I saw the teachers huddled in a circle like football players. Outside their circle, I watched as they mumbled something. It seemed to have a spiritual significance. So I inquired about the huddle. Like a rebuked child, I received a sharp response. “We’re doing our morning devotions.”

Yeah, okay.

Yet deep inside my heart, I was completely confused. Although I was a Christian for many years- and I attended a religious school most of my life- I’d never experienced this type of worship. So I asked myself this question:

Why do I need a daily devotional?

A search on Google helped me to answer my question. But I was unsure about the meaning of “prayers or religious observances.” The schoolteachers’ huddle was not a reflection of how I prayed. Or worshiped. My pastor did not teach about devotions. So again, I was feeling lost.

And then, I started to see words I could understand: “love, loyalty, or enthusiasm for a person, activity, or cause.’

Finally, I was making a connection!

Being a mother, daughter, and wife. I understood the meaning of love. Having many years of failed relationships before marriage, I understood what love is not. Being a bride before I married, I understood the feelings of enthusiasm for my groom.

Okay, this is REALLY making sense now.

Daily devotionals are a heart connection.

They reach into the places of encouragement, inspiration, motivation, worship, enthusiasm, and love.


Some devotionals are self-focused worship. Others are celebrity-focused. I found leadership devotionals, youth or teen devotionals, athlete devotionals, and more.

Recently, I found a bestselling Christian devotional, and under the book cover was a page about how to “hate others.” Dear Jesus… that one ripped a hole into my heart! It took less than 3 minutes for me to hit the return button on my Amazon purchase.

At Christian Writing conferences I learned the format for writing devotionals. Many daily devotionals begin with a Bible verse or quote.

Daily devotionals can magnify faith, hope, and love. These short publications are quick to read. Some have elements of humor, such as Bob Goff. Other devotions have sermon notes, such as Paul David Tripp. Popular devotions are written as love letters, such as Sarah Young. Devotions can also be theology-based, prayer-focused, or informative writings- such as Charles Spurgeon, Tim Keller, or Max Lucado.

When I was a new mother and not a practicing Jesus-loving Christian, someone gave me a devotional book. Over 20 years since I received this book, it still has a place in my heart and home! At the time I found the daily devotional for mothers confusing. Today I find that book a treasured memory in my heart.

P.S.- devotionals make fantastic gifts!

Daily Devotionals will encourage and inspire you to live devoted to the Lord. A daily devotional helps you focus on Scripture.

Watch this website and you will see updates. My collection of devotional books is large and I am very excited to share these with you.

I hope you will share your daily devotions too!