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However you found my website, I’m glad you’re here! I’m Christine Abraham and I founded Bible Cafe™ Ministries in 2009. Just like you, many of my friends were connected through their computers, tablets and phones. And so, they were searching for something deeper- a TRANSFORMED relationship with God. Because we were seeking community of faith, I started aa small group Bible study with just 14 women. Now today we’re an International Bible Cafe™ leading community groups online.

FIVE CUP Bible Cafe™ Method For Bible Studies

Imagine you have 5 empty coffee cups each Monday Morning. These are the 5 days God wants to spend with you. Now, if cup one and two are filled up…that’s great! If cups three, four and five are empty- remind yourself GOD is waiting for YOU.

Build this habit…even IF you need to set 5 cups out on Monday morning. Remind yourself Bible study FILLS your cup! Everything else depletes the cup.

It’s WHY my ministry is called a Bible CafeWomens Bible Cafe and Mens Bible Cafe Go fill your spiritual cup!!

About the Bible Cafe™ Website and Community

Take a look around this site and you’ll soon see some articles written just for you. Because your time is valuable, I want to help you find quick answers here. 

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