Welcome to We Saved You a Seat Bible Study. Our study is based on the Lisa-Jo Baker book published by Lifeway Women. This is a 6-week study about Biblical friendships. Grab the study book and join us. You can join here.

When you think about friendship with God, what people in the Bible demonstrate Biblical friendship? I first thought about David, Abraham, and Moses. They were friends of God in the Old Testament. I love learning how they developed their relationship and trust. In the New Testament, my favorite friendships were Lazarus, Martha and Mary who were close friends of Jesus.

How about you? Is there a favorite Bible study on friendship that you have enjoyed?

When I became a ministry leader I lost ALL of my friends. So I lamented and prayed, asking God why He took them away. In my heart, I heard the best answer from the Lord “Because Jesus is your Friend.” I spent the next 12 months enjoying friendship with Jesus through prayer and Bible study. Later, I learned methods to invite new friends into my life.

I have a Friend. His name is Jesus. -Christine Abraham

Hang in there…this is just the beginning of your turnaround. First, you’ll peel back those layers of past friendships. And then you will begin to look at Jesus and His model of friendship. If you look at your past friendships and lost a few, no need to feel doomed. Pray, seek wisdom from God, and look for friendships that are framed through the Bible.

The Bible refers to a hedge or a fence of protection. The Shepherd kept his flock inside the protection of the fence when there were thieves. There are so many beautiful references to protection in the Bible. When I think of being a friend of God, I think of this protection.

Maybe you’ve heard of this verse: Greater love has no one than this than to lay down one’s life for his friends. (John 15:13 NKJV)

What is a contemporary example of “laying down your life for a friend?” Have you ever protected or guarded a friend? I joined 600 people and registered to donate my bone marrow and blood. I was not a match for Katie, but years later I matched bone marrow for a stranger through the National Bone Marrow registry. They did not need my marrow and kept me on the match list.

The friend’s daughter is now 21 years old and survived with an experimental cancer treatment. This is her miracle story.

Jesus says in John 17:12a (CSB), “While I was with them, I was protecting them by the name that you have given me. I guarded them and not one of them is lost…”

Jesus protected and guarded you during (name your event).

When I look at the spiritual markers in my life I see how Jesus protected and guarded me and my friends. It feels wonderful knowing that He sees ahead of what I see. He knows more than I will ever know. And because I trust Him… I am fearless and living joyfully on this side of eternity.

In We Saved You a Seat Lisa- Jo Baker writes, “Being willing to be interrupted isn’t about the state of our houses. It’s about the state of our hearts.” I hope you read the lesson this week about allowing interruptions in your life!

I responded to a recent interruption with active listening and did not judge my friend for what was troubling her. Then I held my tongue and did not repeat her troubles to anyone else.

This week of Bible study I observed three things Jesus did when interrupted. He commanded illness with His voice (get up, go). He commanded demons to “leave.” He touched people (forehead eyes, or with His robe). Jesus took the interruption as an opportunity to reveal the faith of those who interrupted Him.

When we take time for interruptions, we are allowed to grow in our lives. All the fruits of the Spirit. Go back and look again at Galatians 5…the fruits of the flesh. When we don’t allow interruptions, which negative fruit is operating there? If we reject an interruption…the fruit of idolatry is probably working.

This study is helping me to become a better friend. Since we started I have organized two neighborhood parties, assisted a neighbor with a fallen tree, and listened when neighbors wanted to sit on my lawn and talk…interrupting my gardening. It’s a great study so far!

And, did you notice that “friendship is not about me!” It’s about serving and loving others as Jesus did.

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