There are seasons in life when God calls us to synchronize our walk with His pace. We can’t rush the process or hide from this, as we learn to inhale and exhale with each step. This remarkable testimony is shared through each devotion by Ms. Dixon. Beautiful written from the real life experience of trusting God through chronic illness. -Christine Abraham, Executive Director Women’s Bible Cafe™

I’m reading this devotional again (and again) because it’s simply beautiful!

Each day begins with a cup of coffee and a devotional from  “Waiting For God: Trusting Daily in God’s Plan and Pace” by Xochitl Dixon. Just as I crave the coffee to start my day, I also crave the words in this wonderful book. I truly believe its written for this generation and the next.

When I open the devotional I’m greeted each morning with the presence of the Holy Spirit. The devotional story of the day sets a framework as I read through the inhale and exhale portions of the devotion. In Christian theology the Holy Spirit is sometimes referenced with a wind metaphor- a living and breathing Person inside us. Imagine waking up and saying “Good Morning Holy Spirit” as you read these 31 devotions.

After inhaling through a focused Scripture verse, as I reader I exhale through a beautifully written prayer from author Xochitl Dixon. Each sentence is a movement on it’s own- like a well-versed worship song. When read together as a prayer piece, the impact is powerful and lasts throughout my entire day.

I open my mouth and inhale the word of God because I crave the revelation of your commands. (Psalm 119:131 TPT).

There’s room in the book for journaling each day. I ponder the three question Ms. Dixon asks for each daily devotion and write my prayerful response into the pages of my book. The next month is an opportunity to repeat all 31 devotions again and write new responses based on where God leads me. In someways, I’m making my own family history book- right there on the pages of my devotional.

If I were a rich woman (or as my husband and I often say ‘when our ship comes in’) I’d buy everyone I know a copy of this beautiful book! My hope is for the publisher to create a leather-bound version for future publication. It’s a book I’d like to see on every plate as friends and family feed on the Living Word of God.

I’ll be speaking with the author about designing a Bible Cafe™ course for her book. Watch for updates soon! Pick up your copy (I recommend PRINT VERSION) when you CLICK HERE.


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