We’re truly blessed to be a volunteer ministry with many women using their spiritual giftings at the Womens Bible Cafe.™ Together we facilitate online Bible studies and book club discussions. If you’re interested in serving on our leadership team please read the requirements and submit your application.

Leadership Requirements

1Technical skills are ESSENTIAL with this role, you must have experience with Facebook groups, communities, and guidelines.
2You must be active and engaged in our online groups and community
3You must be walking in the Fruit of the Spirit and living in fellowship with the Lord.
4You’ll need reliable Internet in order to facilitate group discussions.
5Recommendation from your small group leader.
6All leaders purchase their own study books and materials. We do not sell or publish Bible study books.

Online Bible Study and Book Club

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Redeemed by Christ. Lifetime Bible reader. Coffee drinker. Mother of girls. Visionary leader.

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