Virtual Bible Study Groups

Virtual Bible Study groups are available through Zoom teleconferencing. You can join these groups with your computer, tablet or phone. If you are a Partner Member of the Bible Cafe™ community you will receive an email invitation to these meetings.


  1. After you register for your preferred day and time, write this into your calendar for the duration of the study.
  2. Groups typically last one hour. If we get into a deep discussion the group may run overtime and you’re welcome to exit as needed. 
  3. Discussion questions are emailed to registered meeting attendees prior to the meeting. 
  4. To avoid phone charges, use WIFI connection for your meetings and not cell minutes.
  5. During the meeting you can turn off your video or mute your mic (helpful when you have barking dogs or need to take a phone call)
  6. Lighting will impact the quality of your video. Have the lamp or window in front of you, not behind you.
  7. If you tilt the computer screen, then we will see more of your face and less of your ceiling. 
  8. We suggest you test the Zoom technology before your first meeting… open your free account, create a meeting for yourself and invite someone (family/friend) to join your test meeting. Practice using the microphone, video, and Zoom control panel.
  9. Google search “How to Use Zoom” (

Virtual Bible Study Leaders

Leading VBS on Monday at 3 PM and 7 PM Eastern 

Leading VBS on Monday at 9 PM Eastern