Trademark Bible Cafe™ Name

BIBLE CAFE™ MINISTRIES. The Womens Bible Cafe™ name has been in use since 2009 and is associated only with the ministry at,,,, Womens Bible.Cafe, MensBible.Cafe and our related Facebook and social media groups

The use of the name Womens Bible Cafe™ or Bible Cafe for Women™, Mens Bible Cafe ™or a variation of the Bible Cafe™ name with any other Twitter, Yahoo, Pintrest, Instagram, Facebook group, social media or pages is strictly prohibited. It would mislead and confuse others if someone uses our longstanding name

If you are a participating in our online Bible studies and would like to make Facebook pages for your groups, please do not use our ministry name or a variation of our Bible Cafe™ name. Thank you.

Online Bible Study Courses

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