Are there any sounds in this world that grip you with fear and make you feel unsafe? Well, for my 15 pound mixed Maltese Shih Tzu named Sam, it is the sound of fireworks. On yesterday evening, as he heard the booms and bangs from fireworks blasting in the night air, he paced, stared and ran frantically throughout the house. When nowhere seemed safe, like a child, he jumped on my legs and begged to be picked up.


As I held him close, he was shaking uncontrollably with fear written all over his face. I wanted nothing more for him but to relax, be at peace and rest in his favorite space. So, I drew him nearer and gently assured him with these words, “It’s okay Sam! You don’t need to be afraid! Nothing is going to harm you! I’m here, and you are in the safest place!”

As I comforted Sam, my mind reflected on the numerous times when I behaved like him. I lived each day driven by anxiety from the banging noise and uncertainty that came from life circumstances. We quickly forget that there is no need to fear, when God’s presence is always near. Amid our racing hearts the Spirit calmly whispers, “Trust me my Dear!”


Dear heavenly father. Help me to trust you during the clanging noise and chaos in life. Help me not to become distracted, with fear and distant from the truth because I know you are always near. At the moment of fright, give me the courage not to freeze or flight. Help me to practice my faith by always being obedient to your word, which instructs me in 1 Chronicles 16:11, to “Search for the Lord and for His strength; continually seek Him.” Heavenly father, in the midst of fear give me the courage to seek you and run straight to your side. May I find comfort looking upon your face knowing that there is no safer place than in your presence. Amen.


Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand. Isaiah 41:10


Living in trust is remembering that God never sends me the spirit of fear. I know that His love and comfort is always near. Daily I am choosing to run to the safest place, which is in my heavenly father’s face. It is during my intimate talks with Him that He fills each space within me with peace. I am being comforted as Holy Spirit speaks to me dispelling any anxiety that attempts to creep within. There is no time for being frantic or afraid. I am too busy trusting and obeying His word. My faith is growing stronger each day for every tomorrow He safely leads me to.

Dr. Diana Moye Mitchell



Group Leader

DR. DIANA MOYE-MITCHELL received professional training and earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Chicago State University in 1991, a Master of Divinity degree from Howard School of Divinity in 2006, and a Doctorate of Ministry degree from the Interdenominational Theological Center (ITC) in Atlanta in 2013. Dr. Moye- Mitchell’s doctoral work focused on the inequalities and sufferings of women in the “Black Pentecostal Church.” As a ministry servant of prayer, teaching and training, Dr. Moye-Mitchell seeks to encourage people of all ages to live their godly purpose with passion, and to pursue excellence in life.  In 2010, she organized a nonprofit organization for women, titled Sister-to-Sister Mentoring, and in 2020, she launched a new nonprofit organization, titled H.O.P.E. in Life, Inc. Dr. Moye-Mitchell is married to Elder Dwayne Patrick Mitchell, and was gifted by God with two beautiful children Visit her blog at:


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