The Book of Revelation: Unlocking the Future by Dr. Edward Hindson is helpful to understand the Bible. While earning a degree in Biblica studies. I was required to read this book, along with several commentaries on the book of Revelation. I found this commentary book easy to understand and follow, while some of the other Revelation commentaries provided a deeper level of interpretation. This book is divided into 22 chapters, one for each chapter of Revelation.

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Dr. Ed Hindson, the author of the book, has authored over twenty books and taught more than 50,000 students over the past twenty-five years. He holds several degrees and is a visiting lecturer at Oxford University and Harvard Divinity School. He is the Assistant Chancellor, Professor of Religion and Dean of the Institute of Biblical Studies at Liberty University. Additionally, he was one of the translators for the New King James Version of the Bible.

In The Book of Revelation: Unlocking the Future Dr. Hindson shares the viewpoints of Biblical scholars such as David Jeremiah, Bruce Metzger, Robert Mounce, John Stott, Robert Thomas, John Walvoord and others. He explains the different viewpoints and interpretations of The Revelation as seen from various religious theologies, particularly in chapters that are often debated and argued. He is clear to distinguish his own opinion from the opinions of other Bible scholars and shares when he agrees and disagrees with these teachings.

By the time I completed the book I had a much better understanding of Revelation than when I started. Dr. Hindson brings clarity to the symbolic messages, the time frames, the people, and the events in the end times. I found it refreshing to view these events through the lens of scripture rather than through the lens of fictional books, social media discussions, or theology debates that are too common today. I highly recommend reading The Book of Revelation: Unlocking the Future to enhance your understanding of The Revelation. I also recommend reading additional commentaries such as these below.