Journey to Ministry Bible Study Your Calling Purpose and Destiny

Women often ask me “Christine, how did you start the very first online Bible studies? Christine, what can I do to launch my own ministry?’ It’s not a short answer, and in fact is something I’ve taught over 500 men and women how to do through my coaching courses.

When Pastor Jamie Morgan published her book  A Journey to Ministry I saw similarities to what I am teaching and wanted to make it available to our Bible Cafe™ members.You have two options for discovering your calling, purpose and passion.

Option #1: Find a mentor.


Option #2: Complete the Journey to Ministry Course at the Bible Cafe™


Let me explain how this works. Pastor Jamie Morgan has offered to be your mentor. Yes, you read that right! In this online Bible study course she has prepared a set of teaching modules with 45 minute mentoring lessons. You’ll read two chapters from her book each week, answer the discussion questions we’ve prepared for you, and empower and equip yourself for your calling.

I’ve prepared a Companion Study Guide with 60 discussion questions to help activate your calling and purpose, available to Bible Cafe™ members. Use these along with the book A Journey to Ministry for an independent study, a local church study, or for your leadership team.

While you can learn this without joining the Bible Cafe™ course, we do recommend the additional benefits of the exclusive videos teachings and group discussion experiences. It’s fine if you choose to just read the book- there are GREAT resources and ideas in each chapter!

Your calling does NOT need to look like mine with an online ministry around the world. It might be a calling to care for a special child or family member. It might be a calling to serve at your church on the coffee committee, caring for the babies, or teaching Sunday school. It might be a calling at your place of work or in dark places such as prisons and missions fields.

Here’s what you’ll learn from your mentor Pastor Jamie Morgan at the Bible Cafe™ Journey to Ministry Course

Discover your calling, purpose and destiny with Pastor Jamie Morgan. In this course you’ll study the call encounters of David, Jeremiah, Nehemiah, Esther, Noah and Paul. You’ll learn how to embrace your calling with confidence and obedience to the Lord.


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This is an on-demand 6-module Bible study course. We invite you to participate online and access the videos as a Bible Cafe™ member. You’ll end the course with a Certificate of Completion and a Purpose Map!

In the self-paced study you can decide to complete one module a week, complete two modules on a weekend, or one a month. Your choice!

If you’re a ministry or church leader, this course is EXCELLENT for equipping your small group leaders. Work through the course as a group, watch the videos online, and answer the questions in a community group. It’s all right here- for Bible Cafe™ members.

I have personally watched the course videos from Pastor Jamie Morgan SEVERAL TIMES and read her book twice! Each time I am in awe of her mission to encourage women to step into roles when called by God. Is it time for you to answer God’s call? Let’s stop procrastinating- there’s a REVIVAL ahead!


Visit Pastor Jamie Morgan’s website here:

JAMIE MORGAN is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God and lead pastor of Life Church in Williamstown, New Jersey. She obtained her master of arts degree in practical theology from Oral Roberts University and is currently pursuing a doctor of ministry degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She is also a graduate of Dr. Mark Rutland’s National Institute of Christian Leadership, a member of America’s National Prayer Committee, and serves on the five-person Assemblies of God Prayer Committee.

Jamie is called to fan the flame of revival and mentor eternally minded, trailblazer leaders in their unique call to set the world on fire for Jesus Christ!

Pastor Jamie Morgan is the author of The Life House of Prayer and the History of 24/7 Prayer and has also published in Charisma NewsThe Christian PostFox NewsDiscipleship JournalThe Upper RoomThe Pentecostal Evangel and other publications around the world. She is host of the television show, Heal My Hurt. Jamie is a wife, mother, mother-in-law and grandmother.