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Christine Abraham is a revival leader who founded the first online Bible study ministry for women. With a history of leading thousands of women through transforming faith, Christine most notably serves as Executive Director of Bible Cafe™ Ministries. These quotes from Christine Abraham will give you encouragement for pursuing your own Bible study groups and cultivating spiritual development.

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“My job is helping Christians have a relationship with Christ.” -Christine Abraham

“A Bible study should be transforming. But it should be God transforming us, not the study book author.” -Christine Abraham

“A crisis is only a crisis when God is not present.” -Christine Abraham

“The Bible is a love letter for me, so I like keeping it nearby.” -Christine Abraham

“We don’t learn to conquer pride when we sit on pedestals of perfection.” -Christine Abraham

“When your eyes are on yourself, your problems or other people you take your eyes off the throne of God.” -Christine Abraham

“We don’t learn to conquer pride when we never take a risk and hide in places of comfort.” -Christine Abraham

“He cheated on me’ is not a testimony. ‘God healed me of a deep hurt’ is a testimony.” -Christine Abraham

“The only source of significance that can’t be taken from you is Jesus. He is forever eternal.” -Christine Abraham

“We don’t learn to conquer pride when we compare ourselves to other women (mirroring) instead of comparing our heart to Jesus.” -Christine Abraham

“Satan is STILL a created being and not a person of the Trinity. So created beings (even angels and demons) CAN be leashed through… PRAYER.” -Christine Abraham 

“Humble yourself to God’s will, not yours.” -Christine Abraham

“Anything can cause us to dream, so not all dreams are spiritual or prophetic. And just because we have dreams doesn’t make us prophets.” -Christine Abraham

“Prince Charming doesn’t rescue me. Yes, I am still a Princess… but need to keep my mind, heart, and soul anchored to Jesus. Not a fake prince.” -Christine Abraham

“While mourning reminds us of our loss, we can also rejoice in the new life our family and friends are LIVING.” -Christine Abraham

“We give our best…for God. Not for approval of others, for awards, or temporary things.” -Christine Abraham

“God may be calling you to shine the Light in a dark place (like social media). He may call you to be a voice of love in a place of division.” -Christine Abraham

Christine Abraham Quotes

“Live everyday for eternity. If we knew God’s appointed time then we clean up our act in the final days, like someone who flosses her teeth just before a dentist appointment.” -Christine Abraham

“The spirit of offense and spirit of rejection are twins, they work in pairs. Then we add the spirit of offense… and BAM… Satan has created a 3-cord attack.” -Christine Abraham

“What matters most is not salary, income, or job stability. What matters is standing at the throne of Heaven and knowing you were like Daniel in your integrity.” -Christine Abraham

“Sometimes we allow the devil to get a song into our head.” -Christine Abraham

“Seeking occult, mediums, fortune telling, astrology and psychics is trusting outside the parameters of the Scriptures and ignoring the Holy Spirit inside you.” -Christine Abraham

“I get very uncomfortable if a testimony is about me rather than about Christ in me.” -Christine Abraham

“Let’s stop building images around celebrities, politicians, political parties and societies. We are made in the image of God.” -Christine Abraham

“Pride will tempt us to change all at once. Christ wants deep change, complete purity…so it’s not an IN & OUT experience.” -Christine Abraham

“We are never defeated by following God’s heart.” -Christine Abraham

“Through calamities, God tests my loyalty and I prove to myself that I am strong. He already knows the answer, but needs to remind me on occasion.” -Christine Abraham

“If people are present in a situation we may tend to ‘fact check’ by their opinions rather than by the Holy Spirit.” -Christine Abraham

“You might say I now have ‘tunnel vision’ as I’m not looking too far around me and only with eyes on Jesus.” -Christine Abraham

“Being comfortable, sitting in my safe place, loving my introvert lifestyle…that cheats me of reflecting Christ in me.” -Christine Abraham

“We need to repent in order to SOAR and rise above the troubles of this world! We do not repent in shame. We repent and confess in LOVE.” -Christine Abraham

“We can’t soar in spiritual gifts when we are weighed down with the sins of the flesh. Simply impossible to fly with filthy wings!!”

“When I look at the words “under pressure” I also see the words “Under God.” We can choose to look horizontal at the face of pressure, or vertical at Heavens view.”

“Anger and pride are often rooted in ‘me first’ rather than ‘”God first.” -Christine Abraham

“If we hide our faith, hide our love for Jesus, hide our transformation through Christ…then how can we reveal God?” -Christine Abraham


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