8 Clever Priscilla Shirer Quotes

Priscilla Shirer is a bestselling Bible Study Author and Conference Speaker. She is well-known for her role in the War Room Movie, as her character Elizabeth transforms from lukewarm faith into a woman with a revived faith. Here is a look at some of the most powerful Priscilla Shirer quotes to remember.

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“A very real enemy has been strategizing and scheming against you, assaulting you, coming after your emotions, your mind, your man, your child, your future.” -Priscilla Shirer

“Prayer is the portal that brings the power of heaven down to earth. It is kryptonite to the enemy and to all his ploys against you.” -Priscilla Shirer

“Satan is nothing but a copycat, trying desperately to convince you he’s more powerful than he actually is.“ -Priscilla Shirer

“The past was in the past. It doesn’t have permission to touch you anymore.” -Priscilla Shirer

“Genuine freedom and renewed fervency are waiting for you on the other side of forgiveness.” -Priscilla Shirer

“The enemy works overtime to dismantle anything resembling peace.” -Priscilla Shirer

“You can’t play games with God and expect to win.” -Priscilla Shirer

“Sometimes your greatest message is the mess of your life.” -Priscilla Shirer


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