One in a Million [Week 6]

Welcome back to the Womens Bible Cafe™ and week six of One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land as we finish our study. As we learned from Bible author Priscilla Shirer, two million Hebrews followed Moses to the Promised Land, and only two realized their full inheritance.

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Joshua was one of those two. He was one in a million and revealed the inheritance to us through scripture. Joshua had the courage to listen when called, and follow the commands of God.

What did the rest of the people do? More importantly, how do we respond when we hear God’s voice call us to His promised land?

Perhaps we call our husband, mom, or friend and seek approval for the journey. Or, we immediately think it cannot be true, and we look for signs of Satan’s presence. Maybe we will seek proof, verification in the form of a miracle or supernatural experience.

For some of us, we are immobilized with fear.  Others will make excuses or need “more time” to prepare ourselves. In essence, we often find ourselves gripping the wall and not letting go of our comfort zone.

When God says “Come” we listen and we follow. Anything that blocks your path to the promised land is a stronghold that needs the be found and removed.

Courage is not the absence of fear. Its the will to move forward in spite of it. -Priscilla Shirer

My friends, we are all gifted unique identities. During Bible studies like this one, we discover how to use spiritual gifts. Are you willing to take your post, and heed God’s calling to serve for the church? Who or what gets in the way of your calling.

We can see how strongholds will close our minds to His calling, leading us in the wrong direction and away from promised land living. If you haven’t done so already, you may want to read a Bible study or book on strongholds. As long as you permit strongholds to center themselves in your mind, your willingness to serve and heed God’s calling is quite limited.

Since we don’t know when He will call us into a wilderness or purpose, it’s important to be prepared and willing to serve. Satan, the Father of Lies, has been preparing you all along, not to serve the Lord. He’s filled your mind with toxic thoughts such as:

  • I’m not qualified or educated at seminary school
  • My past will disqualify me to serve
  • I’m not healthy enough
  • I’m too busy
  • That was not God’s voice, I’ll wait and see if He calls me two more times
  • I’ll do it only if God will do something for me

Do you hear the voice of the enemy in the battlefield of your mind? How easy it is for Satan to convince us we’re not being called, and how hard it is for God to get his children to listen. That’s why, only One in a million entered the Promised Land. Joshua, the trusting servant, listened to God’s voice and followed it.

Many believers tend to give more weight to their fears than the supernatural power of God. -Priscilla Shirer

When God speaks, His message is for you alone and not for others. It’s His love language to you, as He speaks to you through your five senses, through dreams, through music or anything that captures your heart. When you listen to His voice, you are walking in faith. When you follow His words, you are living in faith.

We thank you Father for the six weeks of Bible study we’ve just completed. You’ve enriched our lives with your Word and You have filled our hearts with peace and love. Your presence sustains us as we reach our promised land living. With gratitude and praise, we acknowledge Your gifts and thrive in the promised land. Bless us each, as we walk in faith, sharing the living Word with others. In Jesus name, amen.

One in a Million Bible Study

One in a Million Bible Study (starts April 5th, 2022)

One in a Million [Week 5]

We’re catching up with the Womens Bible Cafe™ and reading week five of One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land. This week of study is specifically about breaking barriers as we find our destiny in our wilderness journey. Now it’s time to turn, change direction with a new course, and go forward. The Israelites are breaking camp and moving in a new direction of their journey. They’re finally moving towards the Promised Land, after camping for 38 years and waiting for direction from God.

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Imagine the life changes that occurred during those 38 years, as children were born, elderly were buried, marriages made and a cultural identity was created under the leadership of Moses. They are now ready to leave the comforts of their home, and move onward in their journey.

Moving forward in the journey to the promised land, we read about obstacles in the path of destiny. Priscilla Shirer has listed some Bible Verses to be used as defensive weapons against enemy attacks. Hopefully you took time to write these on a note card and keep a copy for handy reference.

My friends your power over Satan is the Word of God and your knowledge of it. Study your bible, and never put it down! Like Moses, we need the continuous presence of God in our lives in order to fight the flaming arrows. Complacency is not going to win the battle.

Another strategical error is running ahead of God, not listening for His direction, and taking things into our own hands. A quick glance at one of those bumper stickers reading “Never drive faster than your angel can fly” should give you a good perspective-SLOW down! Listen for His voice and direction and if you are uncertain, wait and be still. God will answer in His intimacy with your.

Lack of faith stops the believer’s journey with God at the edge of the promised land. -Priscilla Shirer


Father, you bless us with Your presence today, as we come to you with open hearts ready to listen and study your word. We pray to fully see the breadth and height of the abundant life God which you have created for us. Fill our hearts with knowledge of the JOY you have planned for us, the unlimited LOVE you have for us and the eternal HOPE you give us. We praise you for being the creator of all things, and the author of our promised land. Amen.

One in a Million Online Bible Study

One in a Million Bible Study (starts April 5th, 2022)

One in a Million [Week 4]

Welcome to the Womens Bible Cafe™ and week four of One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land written by Priscilla Shirer. At the start of this week, we had the opportunity to rank our passion for God. We ranked our passion from cold at one end of the scale, to boiling over on the other end.

The more we study our Bible and learn about God’s unyielding love for us, the more likely we are to feel a deeper relationship with Him. He is a patient Father, teaching and protecting His children in love.

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He watches over His nest like an eagle and hovers over His young; He spreads His wings, catches him, and lifts him up on His pinions. (Deuteronomy 32:11 HCSB)

In this online Bible study, we learned about the Mountain of God, the “Sinai experience.” Prayerfully, you completed all of the lessons in your workbook this week. Because if you completed them, you most likely had many insightful moments!

Knowing the Mountain of God waits for you in your wilderness, would you jump at the opportunity to camp at the base of the mountain and wait for Him? Or would you be tempted to rush ahead, take matters into your own hands and see what happens.

Do you climb the mountain, or wait at the base of the mountain. My friends, how many times have we been tempted by instant gratification and impatience. Too many!

On page 89, Priscilla Shirer explains how God wanted to do something for His people. Using her words, I personalized this by replacing the word “Israel” or “them” with the word “me.” Here is how it looks:

“He wanted to make ME His Holy nation, a nation set apart for His services and purposes. He also wanted ME as His treasured possession, meaning that I would be highly valued and cherished. The Lord wanted ME to serve as His kingdom of priests, meaning I would have full access to God and would serve as His ambassador to the world.”

What might happen if you apply this to your own wilderness season? Things will certainly change. Do you live as a woman Chosen?

But you are A CHOSEN RACE, A royal PRIESTHOOD, A HOLY NATION, A PEOPLE FOR God’s OWN POSSESSION, so that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who has called you out of darkness into His marvelous light. 1 Peter 2:9

There are many Scripture stories where God speaks directly to people, and where the Spirit speaks to us. During the wilderness journey, God spoke to the people while they were headed to the Promised Land. He wanted His people to know and trust Him. The people were rebellious when they responded to His voice with fear and distance.

God reveals Himself so we will trust Him. After reading the lessons this week, you learned the difference between a healthy fear of God and an unhealthy fear of God.

Priscilla ends the lesson saying “the more clearly God comes into view, the more humbled and in awe of Him you should grow.” Are you prepared for a visit from your Father, the King?

Father, we are humbled by Your presence and Your attention. May each of us be prepared to hear and see You, as You come to us in love. We bow down in your presence, honored before our King. Thank you Lord, for loving us and reaching out to us. Amen.

One in a Million Online Bible Study

One in a Million Bible Study (starts April 5th, 2022)

One in a Million [Week 3]

Welcome back to womens online Bible study. We are reading week three of One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer. This week Priscilla reminds us that a wilderness journey is inevitable in your life. She writes, “you’re either smack in the middle of the wilderness, coming out of the wilderness, or about to enter a wilderness journey.”

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Imagine how much easier the journey will be when you  face your wilderness with the knowledge of scripture. I hope you’re reading your lessons each day and experiencing the value of womens online Bible study!

When the Lord begins to fight for you, guard yourself from complaining. -Priscilla Shirer

In this week’s lesson, we are reminded that every wilderness journey includes refreshment In this lesson, Priscilla Shirer offers encouragement and solutions for times when you may feel disappointed in God.

Maybe you’ve already seen this in your wilderness journey, or you may be waiting for the provisions. In either case, KNOW that God is real and He is your Provider during your journey. 

Examine me, O LORD, and try me; Test my mind and my heart. Psalm 26:2

Fortunately, we also discover the eight principles on which we need to focus during this idle time (Philippians 4:4-8)

  1. Whatever is true
  2. Whatever is honorable
  3. Whatever is right
  4. Whatever is pure
  5. Whatever is lovely
  6. Whatever is of good repute
  7. If there is any excellence
  8. If there is anything worthy of praise

Hopefully you followed Priscilla’s advice this week, and you’ve written these Truths onto an index card. Be blessed.

One in a Million Online Bible Study

One in a Million Bible Study (starts April 5th, 2022)

One in a Million [Week 2]

We’re starting our second week at the Womens Bible Cafe™ study for One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land by Priscilla Shirer. Last week we learned about deliverance and this week we begin our study of development. In your reading this week, Priscilla has a great message about God’s plan for leading us INTO the wilderness…on purpose! If you never understood why bad things happen to good people….then you don’t want to miss this online Bible study for women!

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Bible study author Priscilla Shirer brings awareness to many Biblical characters who questioned God about their life purpose. We learn about Job’s story as just one of extreme wilderness. Habakkuk, Jonah, and even Mary were mentioned in our study as they questioned God’s purpose. Priscilla reminds us that our questions should not overshadow the fact that God has the answers and the purpose. Our job is simply to keep our hearts and eyes on the LORD. 

Recently, I’ve been questioning God about my belief in angels. Before going to bed, I asked my eight-year-old daughter if she believed in angels. She replied “angels are all around us, covering our body and protecting us from sin. They guard us like a layer. Right now there are my angels and your angels and they are covering both of us.” I asked if she could see them and she said no. So then I asked how she knows all this, did she learn this at school? She replied “it’s in my head. I just know it because it’s in my mind.” Children believe much easier than adults!

In our study of One in a Million, Priscilla Shirer explains how to use our five senses to experience God. I do this constantly, using my eyes, ears, touch, taste, and smell to know God. My eyes may see something unusual, such as a cross in the sky. My ears may hear God’s word as I listen to Christian music. My hands may feel God’s presence as I am touching an animal. My mouth may taste while I eat my evening meal, sometimes eating as Jesus would eat so I experience more of Him. And I may smell God’s creation in the flowers that sit on my table. I’m not just reading about God in a Bible, I am experiencing God through my five senses. I was excited to read about this in our study….because it has been very real for me.

God might want to minister to you in a miraculous way that you can experience through your five senses. -Priscilla Shirer

What an interesting week we’ve had, as we finish Week Two One in a Million: Journey to Your Promised Land. Author Priscilla Shirer studies provide a consistent refreshment from God.

Personalize the experience when you Replace your name with the words of Ephesians 3:17-20:

May Christ may dwell in (your name)’s  heart through faith; and that (your name), being rooted and grounded in love, may be able to comprehend with all the saints what is the breadth and length and height and depth, and to know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that (your name) may be filled up to all the fullness of God. Now to Him who is able to do far more abundantly beyond all that (your name) asks or thinks, according to the power that works within (your name).

One in a Million Online Bible Study

One in a Million Bible Study (starts April 5th, 2022)