Make Up Your Mind by Denise Pass and Michelle Nietert

When I read the same book twice in a month, I know its a book to treasure! Make Up Your Mind by Denise Pass and Michelle Nietert is worth reading. This helpful book unlocks the places where we feel stuck in our thinking. And by helping us unlock our thoughts, these mindset authors help us unlock places in life where we need a transformation.

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Make Up Your Mind Book Review

An unexpected bonus the Make Up Your Mind  book is a great resources for families! I enjoy the Counseling Corner tips for helping children unlock their developing minds. Based upon real counseling sessions, the authors explore methods with proven results. This would be valuable for modern day parents who are teaching their children to overcome fear, loneliness, or disappointment.

As an empty nester Mom, I found the mindset keys super helpful too! When my daughters call or text from college, I now listen and focus on the mindset (rather than the emotions). As I learned from reading Make Up Your Mind by Denise Pass and Michelle Nietert any emotion can be taken captive and transformed.

The authors provide spiritual and counseling tools to help their readers identity and conquer unhealthy mindsets.

Because I am a Bible Coach, I believe this book will be super helpful for my community. Make Up Your Mind by Denise Pass and Michelle Nietert is a book I will recommend over and over again. Each chapter includes keys to unlock places where we feel spiritually and emotionally stuck.

Affrming Thoughts From the Make Up Your Mind (Mindset Book)

  • Even though I am scared, I know God is for me.
  • Even though I think no one will want to talk to me, I am trusting God to help me make friends.
  • Even though I want to quit, I know God will not fail me.
    Even though I don’t think I can do it, I am trying anyway and counting on God to fill in the gaps.
  • Even though I don’t want to, I am trusting God to change my heart.

Find the book Make Up Your Mind at your favorite local or online store. This would be excellent reading for a book club group.