12 Dazzling Liz Curtis Higgs Quotes

Liz Curtis Higgs is Bestselling Author and Speaker and an Award-Winning Columnist for Today’s Christian Woman Magazine. Her messages are biblical, encouraging, down-to-earth, and profoundly dazzling. Higgs shares God’s message of amazing and unchanging grace. These quotes from Liz Curtis Higgs will offer you the right amount of inspiration for pursuing your own relationship with God and transforming your heart like His.

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“All through Advent we anticipate His birth. All through Lent we anticipate His death.“ -Liz Curtis Higgs

“Martha had chosen duty and Mary had chosen Jesus.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“No one but Jesus can conquer the grave.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“Jesus didn’t lay down His life to save our bodies. He died and rose again to save our souls.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“When God’s blessings are piled on our heads, it’s easy to be faithful. The real test comes when disappointment calls and sorrow pulls up a chair.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“Every conception has a touch of the miraculous.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“What we call miraculous, God calls business as usual.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“God clearly loves to do the unexpected, reinforcing his authority and demonstrating his power.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“Just as God always knew how the life of his Son would unfold on earth, God knows how our lives will unfold as well. Nothing is a surprise to him. When we stumble, however badly, he stretches out his hands, pulls us to our feet, and draws us into his embrace.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“The Holy Spirit opens eyes and ears. Where there is darkness, he sheds light. He reveals truth. And he speaks about the future with authority.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“Only when we’re filled with the Holy Spirit can we see what matters to God.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

“Jesus would bear much influence, but he would not always be liked.” -Liz Curtis Higgs

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