3 Interesting Prayer Methods From Another Generation

If we look back at past generations we discover praying people. In difficult times such as earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, health battles or economic famines, they developed strong prayer methods. As a result, we see revival happens in seasons of difficultly.

How Did Past Generations Pray in Hard Times?

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In her video story below, Rhonwyn Kendrick shares what inspired her to pray without ceasing. Devastation empowered her to a personal revival where she learned to “Call upon God anytime.” As a result, she now, puts her Bible on the kitchen counter and stands to read. She says, “When I stand I don’t doze off!”

She made prayer a big part of her daily life. Before her children were born, she prayed for them. Never holding back..she prayed BIG prayers for protection and provision. When her husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, she kept praying. She believes the LORD is able, through prayer.

What is the indescribable power of prayer?

As a result of praying constantly, ​all three of her sons are in Christian filmaking! And they are making an impact on the next generation, often including children in their stories. Strong men of faith, prayer is part of their productions, character development, and casting.

They’ve been writing Bible study workbooks and creating exceptional Bible study teaching videos. One of my favorite is the Overcomer Video Series and Bible study. They also created the War Room movie a fantastic story on Miss Clara and her long history of prayer.

Rhonwyn Kendrick is a praying mom and grandmother—and she’s seen the indescribable power of prayer firsthand. Watch Rhonwyn and her son, Stephen Kendrick, share stories of God’s faithfulness and power to answer when we call out to Him. We may never fully know or see the lasting impact

How did my family pray?

I’m the collector of family Bibles, a historian of spiritual growth. My beloved Grandmother had a Lutheran Bible and underlined each day. As she read through and prayed she put dates in her Bible. I was blessed to see days before she passed away my Grandmother was reading Psalms and God’s plan for eternity.

My grandparents met at age 14, were children of the Great Depression and married at 16 years old. As a young bride I asked my Grandfather the secret to his long-lasting marriage. And he answered “Every morning when I wake up I apologize to my wife. Because I know sometime today, I will probably mess up.” His humility triggered her answer: “Each day I forgive your grandfather and never went to bed angry.”

Another Bible we have is a 100+ year old Bible. My husband’s grandmother from England carried this Bible to school as a textbook. She too, marked favorite passages with dates. These generational Bibles tell stories of faith. The women in my family who read their Bibles, learned humility and forgiveness, and prayed constantly.

Are you the next person in your family to create a legacy of faith?

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