Enough Movie with Chonda Pierce

Ladies, you’re going to LOVE this new movie from Chonda Pierce! ENOUGH is playing in movie theaters one night only- April 25, 2017. This queen of clean comedy has a message of HOPE and IDENTITY and SELF-LOVE. We all have girlfriends who need to see and hear that, right? Maybe that girlfriend is you (or me). *UPDATED: Full Movie Now Available from streaming Sites.

As they were putting the polishing touches on the film (the editing is incredibly fabulous) I watched a pre-screen version for a movie review. Literally, I could watch this movie 10 times over and over again because it’s like watching a sister and a member of my spiritual family…we are ENOUGH. In His presence, in His eyes, in His heart- Chonda nails this message of truth with her transparency and beloved humor.

Don’t miss the opportunity to watch this beautiful and tender movie. It’s saturated in love and the work of Christ! Christine Abraham, Founder and Ministry Director WomenBible Cafe™

As I watched the movie the Lord invited me to see inside heart of Chonda’s RECLAIMED identity. Like many of us, she found herself struggling with an addicted family member. She was rejected with knife-like wounds and battled her own feelings of not being ENOUGH to stop these things from happening. That knife took a deeper stab when her beloved husband passed away.
This is not a Debbie-downer movie about grief and loss. Rather, it’s a Shout-with-Glory magnification of Christ working through the life of one woman at a time. That woman could be you, a sister, a mother, a friend. On screen, it’s Chonda in her hot pink blouse and spiked heels- salted with tasteful humor any Christian would love.

I’m saying it again..go SEE the movie. Bring friends.

For the first time in my walk with the Lord I completely trust where he has me. Chonda Pierce



After you see this movie, comment below and tell me if you think Chonda should
A) write a devotional book about this topic
B) write a Bible study about this topic
C) have a fun trivia movie game on her Facebook page
D) all of these.
It’s what I thought when I watched the movie..I’d like to hear what YOU think 🙂