Bible Cafe™ Study Guide

Bible Café™ study guides are available to members of the Bible Cafe™ University. We provide a Bible study guide for small group discussions. Each Bible Cafe™ study guide includes a set of 10 discussion questions. People often ask us for questions before they meet with their small groups. And so, we created Bible study guides for our members at Bible Cafe™ University. Join today!


To print your Bible Cafe™ Study Guide, login to the All-Access area at

Go to the course you are currently discussing with your small group. Under the TAB called “worksheets,” you will find your Bible study guide.

We design our Bible study guides to help people understand the Bible. Each question is helpful to start a conversation with a small group. Perhaps you are doing a Bible study with just one other person. The printable Bible Cafe™ study guide is a helpful tool. Or you might be involved in a Bible Cafe™ study by Zoom. Again, the printable study guide is very helpful as you plan your answers and discuss them with your new friends.

Since 2009, Bible Café™ leaders have been using our study guides to help people study, connect, and grow!

Don’t miss the Bible study guides… become a member today to access our helpful guides.