10 Epic Beth Moore Quotes

Beth Moore is a beloved Bible Study Author, Conference Speaker and Television Host at TBN. With a passion for leading the hearts of women back to Christ, Moore most notably serves from a heart of humility and love. These quotes from Beth Moore will offer you insight into a woman with a heart for God and encourage your own desire to study the Scriptures.

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“Let’s not get used to decaying morals and standards.” -Beth Moore

“Satan recognizes the treasures God has given us more than we do.” -Beth Moore

“Integrity depends on consistency.” -Beth Moore

“Don’t be dissuaded by the scoffs of self-proclaimed scholars, and never forget that arrogance is not a sign of true intelligence.” -Beth Moore

“If you have received Christ Jesus as your Savior, you are a holy vessel.” -Beth Moore

“God will call the Devil to account for every time he treated you, God’s holy child, as unholy.” -Beth Moore

“Satan doesn’t know when Christ’s kingdom will come. He is left to read the signs of the times and concluding Bible prophecies just as we are.” -Beth Moore

“Since the day he appeared on the pages of Scripture, Satan’s specialty has been shame.” -Beth Moore

“Let’s draw enough living water to splash on everyone around us.” -Beth Moore

“Keep your Bible open and compare what you read with Scripture.” -Beth Moore


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