2022 Summer Bible Study

We’re excited to begin another summer of FREE study at the Bible Cafe™. We’re expecting more than 2,000 participants for the free Revelation Bible study. As a reminder, you will want the book Revelation: The Smart Guide to the Bible by Daymond Duck. Our Introduction week begins the week of July 11, 2022, where you’ll meet your leaders and make small group friends. Grab a book and show up for a free virtual small group at the Bible Cafe™- everyone is welcome!

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With so many women participating in the 2022 summer Bible study, we know you’ll have many questions. So here’s a summary of the most common questions we receive before starting  an online Bible study:

2022 Summer Bible Study with Virtual Small Groups

What if my book has not arrived yet?
You can download the book in Kindle format and get instant access. No waiting for a delivery truck.

What should I be reading in the book?
Each week you’ll read three easy chapters.

What Bible translation should I use?
If you look at the first inside page of your study book, with copyright information, you’ll see that the author is using the New King James Version (NKJV) for this study. Use any Bible you prefer. We recommend using an online Bible app, such as Biblegateway.com or YouVersion.com if you’d like to use the same translation as the book author, or examine a passage in multiple translations (NIV, ESV, NLT, for example).

Do we need to answer the questions each week? Where do I find them?

We have prepared ten discussion questions for each small group conversation. Christine Abraham will send you these questions by email when you REGISTER for updates.

When and where do the small groups meet?
To see the schedule of small groups, register for this study. We will send you the discussion schedule by email. FREE groups are meeting on Facebook- in a private group.

Who is my small group leader?

She will introduce herself to the group as soon as all the women have joined the study. You will have a leader and a co-leader, both are there to facilitate the discussion and pray for you.

Can I attend more than one small group?

Yes, you can attend as many small groups as you like. For example, if you miss your regular group on Tuesday, feel free to attend another group during the week so you will not fall behind.

2022 Summer Bible Study

What time and where do we meet?
We meet many times during the week- mornings, afternoons, and evenings.

Can my friends see what I post in the Facebook group?
The settings for the Facebook group are private. The comments will appear in your timeline and only you will see them. Remember though, if you have a friend in the same Facebook group, she will see what you

Do I need to participate in the group discussions?
It is beneficial to your study and spiritual growth when you participate. The enemy of God will convince you that your words don’t matter. We know from leading several online Bible studies that women who participate in group discussions are more likely to finish their studies. And so, the women who do not participate in the small groups are most likely to drop out and not complete the study.

Do I need the book to participate?
Yes, it is recommended for this study. Our discussions are based on the weekly reading assignment from Revelation: The Smart Guide to the Bible

What if I need to go on vacation during this study?
Bring your book and Bible with you.

What if I fall behind in my reading?
Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you get back on track. Don’t quit just because you are behind or feel disappointed in yourself. Reach out to your small group for support and encouragement. They will cheer you on, all the way to the finish line!

What if I have spiritual warfare while trying to do this Bible study?
You will have spiritual warfare, it’s almost guaranteed. As you draw closer to the LORD, Satan will do his best to put a wedge between you and your study. We know that Scripture is armor against the enemy…so he will distract, discourage and deceive you during this study. We encourage you to pray with your small groups and ask others to intercede. Post a prayer request in our group. We have a designated team of women who will be praying for you.

Welcome to online Bible study!