Do you need a planner to help you plan your year, design your days, and achieve your biggest goals? My favorite planner, The Full Focus Planner, can help you do that. And great news: they just released three new editions of the planner. To add to the great news, there is an incredible deal running to celebrate the launch of the new planners. Can’t wait to see you benefit from this amazing planner.

Friends keep asking me what’s my secret to time management. I’ll admit I enjoy planner systems and I’ve used various methods to deepen my spiritual journey. I made a HUGE change in systems when Michael Hyatt developed his Full Focus Planner and now this is something I never leave behind! Where I go, the planner goes too! Recently he’s created a new cover in beautiful European leather- stunning look! I’m so impressed I asked permission to share with friends and was invited into his affiliate program.

You can see them here:

I’m using this planner daily and created a #noblankpage challenge for myself. In this challenge, whenever the right page is blank…I open my podcast subscriptions and start streaming something. It might be a leadership podcast, church sermon, or blogger series.

The point is, I fill that blank page with podcast notes. This has been a game-changer for me because I’ll scroll through my Fill Focus Planner and READ those podcast notes again (and again).They inspire me.

It reinforces keynote ideas and helps me retain something I found valuable enough to jot down. #noblankpage

Because the Full Focus Planner uses archive paper, its not cheesy thin like other planners I’ve used. In fact, I found some marvelous pens which must be AMAZING. I know this because people in the Full Focus Planner Community Group keep commenting my handwriting is beautiful 🙂 Actually, the pens MAKE it look beautiful. Like this…

After using this planner method, I’ve collected a brilliant list of quotes, BIG thought ideas, and action steps. There’s a index feature in the planner which allows me to create my own “Table of Contents” and find these quickly!

Another way I use my planner is to jot down prayers. Like me, you’re probably seeing Facebook prayer requests and wondering HOW on earth you’ll remember to pray for so many friends! Well, its simple. I write all these prayers into my planner and when I go into my prayer closet, I bring them with me.

Okay, one MORE treat for you on how I’m using this system. About two weeks ago I felt the urge to start writing down FORGIVENESS NOTES! Yep, I’m starting a running list of things I need to let go. One friend said this is a “grace list” and I like that thought too! Here’s mine using the Full Focus Journal

There you have it! This is the BEST system for me and trust me…I have WASTED too much money trying to find a planner that works. Now that I’m using the FFP Method (Full Focus Planner) I have never wasted money on my “former” planner addiction. This ONE is all I need!

Check out the new colors >> You can see them here: