Exerience Personal Revival with the Bible Cafe™ Store

Discover the power of personal revival and unleash your faith with our exceptional classes. Whether you’re looking to enhance your Bible knowledge, network with a faith-based community, or pursue your ministry calling Bible Cafe™ Ministries has the perfect program tailored just for you!

Bible Cafe™ University

Get access to online Bible study courses from the Bible Cafe. Subscription membership includes Christian education via online Bible study. Printable study guides, video teachings, webinars, and Zoom connection groups. We offer Monthly and Yearly memberships. We help you STUDY the Bible, CONNECT with believers, and GROW your faith.

Leadership Mentoring Program

How To Lead, Teach, and Disciple People Through Online Bible Study and Book Clubs. Leadership mentoring with Bible Cafe™ founder Christine Abraham. A 10-week leadership course. If you have the passion to create your own Online Bible Study Community or Book Club then we’ll work together to achieve your goal. You’ll be up and running with this proven method!