A to Z Bible Study Tips from the Bible Cafe™ Community

After leading 100 online Bible studies, we learned what helps you study the Bible. Bible Cafe™ members have suggested these helpful tips. Arranged from A to Z. These Bible study tips are helpful for beginners and experienced learners. When you share our list of A to Z...

A Brief Look at Different Bible Translations

During online Bible study, one of our participants was frustrated with a discrepancy in Bible translations and asked a great question: Why aren't all Bible translations "accurate?" She was confused why Habakkuk had a different date in her NIV translation than the one...


When you are getting started at the Bible Cafe™ you need answers to important questions. Our community and leaders have prepared a getting started page just for you. Ask questions and get started with online Bible Cafe™ studies. We are ready to help you study, connect, and grow.

How do I join? We provide FREE online study through Facebook. Bring your study book and join the conversations. We provide a membership experience with on-demand courses, video webinars, mentoring, and study resources through Bible Cafe™ University. Learn More: https://biblecafe.org/join/

When is the next study? Look at the front page of our website for online Bible study announcements. https://www.biblecafe.org/

Do I need to have previous Bible study experience? Not at all, come join us!

Do I need a workbook? Yes. Bible Cafe™ studies are built on the model of church Bible study groups. Study book is a available from most bookstores. Digital books are sometimes available from Lifeway, ChristianBooks, Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or iTunes. When using a digital book we recommend a journal for recording your responses to the study questions.

How do I subscribe to updates by email? When you join our community group or membership site, we ask for your email.

How do I unsubscribe to the emails? At the bottom of every email is the “unsubscribe” button. Click it to unsubscribe.

Why don’t I get the weekly email updates? Look in your SPAM folder or promotions folder and add us as a safe domain.

What happens if I start late, take a vacation, work flex-hours, or fall behind? Join any group at any time.

Where do I find the past Bible Cafe studies? We have on demand Bible studies and resources at https://courses.biblecafe.org

What type of studies do you offer? We teach many Bible study methods such as topical, inductive, keyword, commentary, verse mapping, or SOAP. We use study books from a variety of Bible teachers.


Where do we meet for the FREE Facebook studies? https://www.facebook.com/groups/WBCSmallGroups/

Where do we meet for the Zoom Phone/Video studies? https://courses.biblecafe.org

Where do I find the group schedule? Look at the top of the Facebook group. Also look in FILES tab of the group.

When is the small group schedule posted? Usually one week before we begin.

Where do I find the Zoom group access codes? Login to https://courses.biblecafe.org

Am I assigned a group? No. Select the day and time you want to attend. Show up and look for group photo on that day/time.

What day and time do we meet? Small groups are available mornings, afternoons and evenings.

How long are the small group meetings? One hour.

How do I join a Facebook small group? Show up on the day and time you want to attend. Look for leader photo andn join discussion under photo as you TYPE your answers. There is no video or audio for the free Facebook group.

What if I missed a small group meeting? All groups will welcome you, select another day and time in the week.

Can my friends see my comments? Anyone in the private Facebook group can see your comments. If your friends are in the group, they can see your comments.

Do I need to have a Facebook account? No, you can join our membership site https://biblecafe.org/join/

Where can I share a prayer request? Post prayers and answered prayers in your small groups anytime in the week. If you are not connected with a group, look for the prayer photo in our group and comment there so our prayer team will see it.

Are Zoom groups video recorded so if I miss one then I can watch later? No. For privacy, the groups are not recorded.

How do I leave the Facebook group? Click “leave group”


When do I start reading my study book? The first week is typically an introduction week to meet your leaders and students. The next week, you will need to finish “week one” (reading assignment week one) in your workbook.

Where do I find the books? Study books are often available at Amazon, Lifeway, Christian Books, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Target, Thrift Books, Apple Books, Kindle, or the author and publisher websites.

Can I use an eBook such as Kindle? Yes, if available in electronic format. Try Apple iBooks.

How much are the study workbooks? The author/publisher set the price based on content and length of the study.

Where can I find the OPTIONAL audio/video segments for the study? Videos or audio for individual use are available at Amazon or Lifeway.com

Where can I find Bible Cafe teaching videos for the study? https://courses.biblecafe.org

Where can I find the Answers to the Video Sessions? Look on publisher’s website, our Facebook group in the files tab or Bible Cafe™ University in the course module.

Do I need the leaders guide? No.

How do you select the books for the Bible Cafe? We pray. We look at our community groups to discern what topics will help them understand Scripture.

What Bible do you use for online study? We recommend using the same Bible translation your local church is using. The inside cover of every book always lists the translation the author and publisher are using for that study. You will find many translations via BibleGateway.com or BlueLetterBible.org.

I can’t afford the book, do you have scholarships? We do not have book scholarships.

I want a “Bible only” study, do you have that? We use study books written by various Bible scholars and teachers, similar to a local church group experience.


How do I make a donation to support this ministry? PayPal.me/BibleCafe

How is the Bible Cafe Ministry supported? Donations, blog sponsors, Amazon Associates, volunteers, Bible CafeUniversity. and prayer.


When was the Bible Cafe™ founded? In 2009 by Christine Abraham. She invited 14 women from Twitter to join her for a WILD idea: online Bible study! Since then, we have grown to an international online Bible study. https://www.biblecafe.org/about/

What experience do you have? Our Founder & Executive Director earned a Graduate of Theology degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. In addition to her Biblical Studies education, she has completed more than 100 Bible studies. Many of our volunteers lead in local churches as Pastors, Chaplain, Ministry Leaders, Bible Study Leaders, BSF Leaders, Precepts Leaders, and more. Learn More https://www.biblecafe.org/team/

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