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Christine Abraham is Founder and Ministry Director the BIBLE CAFE™ MINISTRIES LLC. Trademark is registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office. 

Christine is passionate about her relationship with the LORD and encourages others to strengthen their own identity in Christ.

Social Marketing

The Value of a Digital DNA

Christine Abraham values social marketing and has a proven record of success. She believes in the importance of diversity in her message. Christine focuses on high traffic sites such as Facebook and Twitter. She invests her resources heavily in branding the Bible Cafe™ message.

When algorithms change, Christine pivots and expands her audience to other platforms. Using the placeholder concept, she wisely places her branding across high traffic audiences. She calls this concept “moving your tents” and places a profile to hold her name on newer sites.

Through consistent engagement with her community, Christine is able to drive traffic to her blog, books, courses, and coaching services.


Social Media Expert

Christine Abraham has attracted an audience of 200,000 followers through social media. She has an ongoing education in social media marketing from industry experts. She also has  20 years experience in luxury home marketing and an appreciation for high quality branding. Christine achieves her wide audience reach with minimal expense. Other ministries and authors have hired Christine to build their audiences. She teaches social marketing in her leadership mentoring programs.

Christine Abraham networks include these profiles: Womens Bible Cafe™, Bible Cafe™, Mens Bible Cafe™, Bible Cafe™ University, and Christine Abraham.

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Liz Curtis Higgs


“Christine Abraham knows her audience well and has focused on meeting their deepest spiritual needs, season after season. Her wisdom, discernment, and careful selection of books and studies for the women she serves are a testimony to how much she cares about sharing messages that matter. I can’t wait to see what she will bring to the pages of her first book!” Liz Curtis Higgs, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible

Denise Pass

“Christine has a servant’s heart that is grounded in the word of God. She is passionate to reach the world with the word and seeks to nurture the hearts of all. Not only does Christine love God’s word, she is also incredibly gifted and equipping others in their study of the word and how to reach others effectively. I cannot wait to see how God speaks through Christine in her first book!” Denise Pass, Author of Make Up Your Mind and Shame Off You

Margaret Feinberg

“Christine Abraham leads tens of thousands of women through Bible studies every year. Her passion for helping people experience the transformative power of Scripture and the power of the Holy Spirit are off the charts. She’s a gift to us all.” Margaret Feinberg,  BESTSELLING author of “More Power to You: Break Free From Fear and Take Your Life Back”

Dr. Jamie Morgan

“Christine Abraham is a mover and shaker in the body of Christ! For years, she has facilitated the growth of the Church through the books of other authors. It’s time for the world to hear what God is saying through her. Beyond time! With her finger on the pulse of how God is moving, Christine is a megaphone in the hands of God to boldly speak forth His message for this hour. In addition to having the pen of a ready writer, Christine is also masterfully skilled in marketing – a winning combination for an author. Her books will exude wisdom, excellence, and passion – and sell like hot cakes!” Dr. Jamie Morgan, author of “A Journey to Ministry” reaches 192 nations with her podcast.


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You will find me hanging out at coffee shops, the virtual Bible Cafe™ or across social media. I am approachable, friendly, and delighted to share Jesus. Let’s have a conversation…

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