Brand NEW!! The Book of Psalms Bible Study. Beginning the week of April 20, 2020 we will lead online Bible study groups and discuss the Book of Psalms. You can join us by reading any commentary book on Psalms or learn the SOAP method of study with us. If you want the structure of daily lesson plans, use the workbook “Stepping Up: A Journey Through the Psalms of Ascent” (Beth Moore). 

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Our conversations for this study will be rooted in keeping calm whenever the world is saturated with fear.

God made me beautiful. I will shine Christ in me, not fear in me.

Let’s keep our heart and mind centered on Christ.

Let’s radiate love and hope and faith.

This is ALL found in the Bible, Book of Psalms.

Come join us.


These are optional resources, our discussion questions will be based solely on the Book of Psalms.

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Beth Moore: Stepping Up Through Psalms of Ascent– available in ebook, print, or iTunes.

Beth Moore Video and audio teachings available for individual use via Lifeway.

Holman Old Testament Commentary: Psalms 1-75 and Holman Old Testament Commentary Psalms 76-150

Warren Wiersbe: Psalms: Glorifying God for Who He Is – available in Kindle or Print

These are NOT required for the study. Use the Bible and a SOAP study method (we will teach this), or a commentary/study Bible method, or the Beth Moore workbook if you like a daily lesson format.

When you join discussion groups the INTRODUCTION WEEK (begins April 20, 20202) we will teach you these different methods of study.


Free groups gather on Facebook. Schedule will be posted to the top of the group. To join a group, just look for the group photo on the day and time you want to attend. Watch the leader and guests comment under their photo. Its that easy!

Video/Phone groups meet off Facebook. These are included with membership at Bible Cafe™ University. If you have a financial crisis and are unable to join as a paid member, please contact us for a discount or scholarship.


SOAP Devotion Study Method

 SOAP is a method of Bible reading which follows this format. Many will use a journal, colorful pens, and creative worship. Others will keep it simple with a sheet of paper and write one paragraph for each of these four parts:

Scripture – Read a Psalm and write down a verse or two that captures your attention.
Observation – What are your personal observations from this Scripture?
Application – How does it apply to your everyday life? What can you do to apply this in your life today?
Prayer – Write a personal prayer based on your observation and application.

Bible Cafe™ Ministries, LLC facilitates online Bible study programs. The above resources provide information consistent with the latest research regarding the subject area. Bible Cafe™ does not necessarily endorse specific personal, religious, philosophical, or political positions found in these resources. We are not affiliated with any musician, church, author or publisher in this article. 


Drop a comment below and let us know if you are going to use the SOAP method, commentary/study Bible method. or the workbook method with Beth Moore. We’d love to hear from YOU.


  1. Sheila Millinder

    SOAP Method

  2. Shrea Burnside Andrews

    I plan to start with a journal and bible with the Soap Method. Still undecided on the book

    • Evie

      SOAP method.

  3. Kathye Hyde

    Bible study, commentary, journal

  4. Carla Consemiu

    Ready to start this study using the SOAP and my own research through different resources.

  5. Erika

    I will be using the SOAP method with my Bible.

  6. Karen Browning

    I will be using the workbook and resources.

  7. Cecilia Fanning

    Beth Moore workbook

  8. Beth Corder

    I will be using SOAP method with the study.

  9. Pernette Wells

    I do not have a clue what method I want to use. I guess after next week’s glass I will be more prepared to make a decision.

  10. Lisa MacDuff

    I’m going to use Beth’s workbook

  11. Heidi Jo Wise

    I’m using Wiersbe, the Bible and journal.

  12. Leanna Hagen

    I’m using Gwen Smith’s Psalm Adventure study, which I believe is similar to SOAP.

  13. Leanna Hagen

    I’m using Gwen Smith’s Psalm Adventure study, which I believe is similar to SOAP.

  14. Angie Landers

    I have the journal & am excited to get started💗

  15. Shy

    I would love to learn the SOAP method and become more interactive with my Bible.

  16. Cathy Kenny

    Bible Commentary and try SOAP method.

    • Katy Kretzschmar

      Never done the soap method. Don’t really know much about it. To save money because of job uncertainty I’ll be using my Bible.

    • Lisa Malmberg

      Beth Moore book & SOAP method, i hope.

    • Karen

      I will be learning the SOAP method


    I plan to use the SOAP method.

  18. SweetTea8977

    I plan to use bible and journal

    • Janice

      I will be using Beth Moore’s study book along with the SOAP method and my Bible.

    • Joy

      I plan to try the SOAP method and Beth Moores book for psalm 120-134.

    • Camellia


  19. Cynthia

    I will be using the SOAP method with my Bible.

    • Luanne Hammes

      I will be using a Bible Commentary.

  20. Patrizia Buda

    Hello everyone! I live in Italy and would like to join the Bible Study, hopefully I will be able to do so with the time difference. Blessings to everyone!

    • Christine Abraham

      Let us know if the time zone works!! Italy is 6 hours ahead of New York (Eastern)

  21. Amy Buchart

    I will be using the Beth Moore Study but am anxious to learn the Soap method as well. I

  22. Vivian Quinonez

    Looking forward to starting this bible study…I will be using the SOAP method.
    I’ve never used the SOAP method. Excited to do something different.
    Vivian Q.

  23. Wendy Gaschler

    SOAP method sounds wonderful.

  24. Michelle McLellan

    Planning to join this study. I will use my Bible and the SOAP method. I will join a facebook discussion group. Thank you!

  25. Stacie Davis

    I’m going to be using Beth’s study since I bought it at Lifeway’s closing sale. So excited!

    • Camellia

      Soap, completely new concept to me. Excited to learn!

  26. Sue Schwendemann

    I am going to use Beth Moore’s book and my Bible. Blessings everyone. Be safe and careful.

  27. Charlotte Parker

    I plan to use Beth Moore’s study as we go along…

    • Maureen Lucas

      I will be using my King James Study Bible and journaling in a notebook. I want to learn the SOAP method. On such a fixed income not always able to purchase a book, study, guide. God has me here as part of His Plan. Look forward to this study!

  28. kaidydid

    I think so will try SOAP

  29. kaidydid

    I think I will work on learning SOAP and maybe commentaries also

  30. Linda D. Jones

    I will Use the Bible and a SOAP study method

  31. Cathy Kenny

    I own Warren Wiersbe’s book so I’ll use that and possibly try the SOAP method. Looking forward to this study.

    • Pamela Roush

      I may also use the keyword study.

  32. Sheree Poole

    I plan to use Beth Moore’s “Stepping Up” Bible study and videos. I purchased the Bible study kit at Lifeway real cheap when they had their big closing sale. Of course the SOAP method is awesome too so I may also use a journal for this method of study as well. Love studying the Psalms and what a perfect time to help us all remain calm by “Seeking Calm” through the Psalms during this terrible crisis we are all in the midst of.

    • Linda

      Workbook method. So happy y’all chose the Psalms~perfect !

    • Sheila Colangelo

      I will be using the SOAP method !

    • Karen Hernandez

      Using the SOAP method. This is my first study with your group and my first time using SOAP

  33. Lor369

    I plan to use the SOAP method.

  34. Janice

    I have Beth Moore’s book and have never completed it. I’m looking forward to this study. Love the Psalms.

    • Mary Ann Zaccaria Johnson

      Beth Moore book. Please drop a link in a future email if possible.

    • Katy Kauffman

      SOAP please. Thanks!

    • Cheri Hermans

      I am looking forward to this study and will try and get Beth Moore’s book. Have never heard of the SOAP METHOD.

    • LaVerne Harris-Anderson

      I plan on using a Study Bible and a journal.

    • Jo Aaron

      I plan to use the soap method

  35. Sandy

    Perfect timing. I have to do Facebook Group for now as internet was so bad that I fired my provider. Fiber optic almost in and hope to have it soon. Then I will be back on video class.

    • Valerie Lenzi

      I am not sure yet. For sure the facebook group and a workbook. I would also like to do the video one as well.

    • Linda

      I have the Wierbse book but will try the SOAP method too.

  36. Robin

    Bible and journal.

    • Elsa B

      The SOAP method sounds great!

    • Patty Farmer

      Workbook method with Beth Moore

    • Tina Bradshaw

      I’m planning to use SOAP. I want to try to register and join video and cafe University

  37. Linda R Smith

    I am going to use the SOAP method.

    • Morgan salmon

      SOAP method

  38. Christine Abraham

    Hey Friends! I am super excited to join you on this journey!! I’m sheltered-in-place here in California and excited to have this opportunity to connect. It helps me not feel so isolated… when my church is closed and I crave that connection with Believers.

    • Jamie Harton

      I am going to use the SOAP method. I love to journal as a way of helping me slow down and consider what I’m reading. I’ll also find some online commentaries.

    • Linda Kirsch

      Bible commentary and journals

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