From Genesis to Revelation, understanding the Bible as a one complete story is a simple approach to Bible study. Draw closer to God with a seamless view of the Bible. 


Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story

7 Week Online Bible Study

Starts the week of January 11, 2021

Seamless online Bible study for women will help you connect the 66 books of the Bible. Learn from Genesis to Revelation. See how the Bible is a seamless story. During this 7-week Bible Cafe™ study you will meet online for womens Bible study. We help you understand the Bible. We teach you to apply what you learn. We build friendships with other women who are learning just like you. In this study we are using the Seamless Bible study workbook written by Angie Smith.

Perhaps you have forgotten, or never learned, how the 66 Books of the Bible connect as one complete story.

After all, when we sit in church on a Sunday morning and listen to a sermon- we are getting a segment of the Bible. Our pastors may teach on specific books and verses each week. To understand these sermons in context we need a big picture. In other words, we need an overview on how the books connect. The Seamless Online Bible Study for Women will teach you how to understand what you are reading.

Seamless by Angie Smith has over TWO THOUSAND encouraging reviews at Amazon. And so we know many women have really enjoyed the Seamless Bible study experience. With our ministry team we are leading a 7-week study based on this popular book.

Did you miss womens Bible study at your local church? Perhaps you started the Seamless study with an online group and did not finish? Now is a great time to reinvest your heart into the journey. The Bible Cafe™ leaders are ready to carry you across the Seamless finish line!

Join the Bible Cafe™ womens online Bible study. Understand the Bible as a whole. Connect with the people, places, and promises of God’s Word in a fresh way. Join our Seamless Online Bible Study for Women. We lead groups through Zoom (membership site) or Facebook (free site).

For this Online Bible Study you will complete five daily lessons a week. You’ll need the Seamless Bible study workbook from Angie Smith. Our first week is an Introduction Week. And so there is no “homework” at our first womens Bible study meeting.

Required Book

Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story by Angie Smith

Seamless Online Bible Study for Women Resources

Required Book: Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story  by Angie Smith available from Amazon, ChristianBook, or favorite bookstores. If you live internationally, we recommend the Apple ebook which you can read on a tablet device.

Optional: Teaching videos from Angie Smith are copyright protected and available through Lifeway. They are not shown on our website or in Bible Cafe groups.

When you read Seamless: Understanding the Bible as One Complete Story  by Angie Smith, you will find a simple to follow workbook format. However, with five daily lessons, you are getting a OVERVIEW from Genesis to Revelation. This is not a deep-dive study. In other words, we are not doing to read the entire Bible in only seven weeks! However, we will look at the books of the Bible, the people, and the significant themes. Then we will teach you how they connect. Seamless.

Angie shares her personal struggle to learn and understand the Scriptures. You will learn what works- and does not work- in passing the Bible from generation to generation.

Seamless Online Bible Study for Women READING SCHEDULE

  • January 11= Introduction Week
  • January 18= The Beginning
  • January 25= The Patriarchs
  • February 1= Exodus & The Promised Land
  • February 8= The Kingdoms & The Prophets
  • February 15= The Messiah
  • February 22= The Letters


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Founder & Executive Director

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM has been a parachurch director and womens ministry leader for 10+ years. She earned a Graduate of Theology degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. As Executive Director of the Bible Cafe™ Christine has facilitated nondenominational Bible studies for women around the world. She writes Bible Study Companion Guides for bestselling authors. She is a popular Christian Life & Leadership Coach. Married 25+ years she lives in California with her husband and two college daughters.