Welcome back to our Seamless Bible Cafe™ Study as we discuss Exodus, the Wilderness, and the Promised Land. Many of you are telling your leaders how much you enjoy the Seamless online Bible study. We enjoy teaching the course material. We are excited to see women Study, Connect, and Grow together at the Womens Bible Cafe™

Angie Smith, author of the Seamless Bible Study writes about Biblical testing. As we learned this week in our study, throughout the 66 books of the Holy Bible we see examples of testing faith. There are two outcomes of testing: faith or unbelief. No middle ground! Perhaps you are living in a personal wilderness season- or a quarantine in a pandemic? Perhaps you are living in a financial wilderness? Or perhaps your season of testing includes relationships.

Whatever testing we are experiencing, we know with certainty God never abandons His Children. You, Me, Us.

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This week in Bible Cafe study groups we asked our community “How has God provided for you in your wilderness season?” and the Monday responses are insightful. Get in a group so we can hear from you!

In my wilderness, God has revealed His presence. He speaks into my heart as I pray. He pulls my eyes to small things for encouragement. He nudges me away from fear and shows me how to get through that Red Sea moment.

That question reminds me of God’s faithfulness. In the Holy Bible 40 Days wilderness is how Noah trusted God in the storm. 40 days wilderness is how Jesus trusted His Father in the desert. 40 days wilderness is how the disciples trusted Jesus until the Holy Spirit came upon them at Pentecost.

This is why many Christians participate in 40 Days of Fasting each year before Easter. 

Throughout biblical history we see 40 days of testing, waiting and drawing closer to God. Ash Wednesday and Lent typically mark a spiritual quest for Christians, though it’s often recognized as a Catholic tradition. It’s a time of prayer, service, sacrifice and self-examination.

Forty-day spiritual journeys are well known in the Bible. Today, God still delivers His people from their stubbornness and unbelief.

What is Deliverance?

Many people misunderstand the meaning of deliverance, so let’s unpack the word. There are two ways to examine deliverance:

Biblical definition, Strong’s H3444 in Exodus 14, is translated something saved, i.e. (abstractly) deliverance; hence, aid, victory, prosperity: —deliverance, health, help(-ing), salvation, save, saving (health), welfare.

Worldview definition Merriam-Webster, the act of delivering someone or something; the state of being delivered, especially liberation, rescue; something delivered, especially an opinion or decision (such as the verdict of a jury) expressed publicly.

So, Exodus 14:14 ESV says, “The Lord will fight for you, and you have only to be silent.” Is being silent a sign of weakness or strength?

It takes great courage for me to be silent.

I have seen this the past 12 months as people argued about the news. We do not have cable TV in our house and so keeping silent has involved boundaries. I had to take the news apps off my iPad because when I read the news I want to shout, scream, and give an OPINION (never facts).

Maybe the wilderness…is taking the news away from our EYES.

Maybe the wilderness… is keeping silent when everyone else has opinions and argues.

Friends, we can be visible in our silence. Visible in our hope. Visible in our faith. THAT is how you cross the Red Sea into your Promised Land!

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ASSIGNMENT FOR THE WEEK:  Complete WEEK 4 in your Seamless workbook. Let’s meet again next week and discuss what we have learned.


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