Our Seamless Bible Study Groups are discussing Genesis. We are talking about how Genesis is woven into the entire message of the Holy Bible. In this second week of Seamless Bible Study Groups you will gather and discuss the earliest genealogies. How does the entire Bible story fit into one seamless message? Join these Seamless Bible Study Groups and discover the answer.

Angie Smith, author of the Seamless Bible Study writes about the importance of faith in hard times. Through Genesis she discovers the faith to endure trials. She conquers unbelief. Perhaps you have a similar story of “wrestling” with God in difficult times.

What I enjoy about our study this week is the encouragement to keep the faith. As we see from these personal stories, the Bible is a encouragement for hard times.

What kind of Bible discussions make you feel left out? What makes you feel included?

When we asked our Bible Study Groups this question, the answers were heartfelt. So I wrote them down. More than 100 women shared their feelings with our Bible Cafe Community. Let us examine this VERY important question. Here is what our leadership team would like you to know: WE HEAR YOU!!!

We did not start-up in a pandemic. We have been hearing these stories for the past 10 years of leading online Bible study.

If you are an author, publisher, or church leader…this information is a GOLD MINE. Pray over the answers and HEAR what these women are saying. I stand behind each of them and have witnessed this after leading 100+ online Bible Study Groups.

Seamless Bible Study Group Discussion

For privacy I have not included their personal names. Comments are unedited and typos were not removed. 

I don’t usually feel left out unless I am excluded/ ignored. It makes me feel included if I am asked a question and others really listen to my response, or if I am asked if I have a question.

Prophecy and end times discussions make me feel left out. Discussing Genesis makes me feel included.

I feel left out when discussing things that I don’t know much about, Old Testament geography and tribes

I tend to feel left out when I think people are using isolated scriptures to support their view – not necessarily in context

I don’t have a good handle on biblical genealogy.  I have always glossed over the “begats” – it doesn’t mean much to me – just a bunch of names.  And I like genealogy, just can’t get a picture of it in the bible.

I feel included when I can ask questions if I am unsure. I feel left out as if I am asking a question everyone should know even though I don’t.

I feel left out of Bible discussion when I am not prepared for the study and someone puts me on the spot. Also when someone dominates the Bible Study with just her opinions and over looks others.  I feel included when I am prayed up and have done my homework.

I feel left out if I don’t understand the questions.

I have attended Bible studies where I felt uncomfortable to ask a question. There were seasoned Christian ladies in the room and I did not want them to think I was dumb or that I didn’t study.

I love these Bible studies where I feel like it is okay to ask and I will not be judged

I agree. I feel left out when one person dominates.

I like to ask questions. When I’ve asked questions at times in Bible Study I’ve had several well meaning folks give me the correct answer. I feel shut down as I’m looking for discussion as much as correct answers.

making someone feel encouraged makes me feel included and also responding in a positive way.  When I am not prepared for the weeks studies I do not feel as confident.

I feel included when the teacher trys to encourage everyone to participate.

Not being familiar with people and places in the Bible and not understanding the chronological order of events often leaves me feeling lost when trying to understand the big picture. Naturally when I do have a good understanding of an event helps me to feel included

Any discussion makes me feel left out if I haven’t studied and don’t understand the particular bible discussion.  I have to know in advance what is being discussed.  What makes me feel included is when I can identify and understand what’s being discussed. I can overly analyze things at times.  That’s one of my weaknesses. For instance, the beatitudes verse the book of Revelations.  If it’s not broken down, I am lost.

My first Bible study online. I didn’t know how to answer the questions, like we are doing now. I felt better in my next bible study because someone walked me through how to answer the questions.

I feel lost discussing the end times or when people use the conversation just to show off how much they think they know.  I attended an in-person study where you could only say what you had written in your homework & that was a helpful tactic.

if it’s not broken down I don’t understand it. The book of Job is the hardest for me. I feel included when I have a Bible study.

MORE Answers for Bible Study Groups

Sometimes I feel lost in bible study when there is an overwhelming amount of information to be discussed and yet there is no discussion because one person is allowed to take over the floor and no one else has a right to speak as they must agree with the person who is controlling the floor.

It seems like I usually end up in groups where the understanding and knowledge of the Bible is easy for the others in the group and I just sit there and have a hard time

questions that involve history, lineage. I feel included when I can relate to another women’s story.

Honestly, I feel like a lot kinda goes over my head or I think I understand it and then during the discussion I realize I missed the point. BUT, I always feel safe to ask questions and I don’t feel judged in these groups.

I felt left out not knowing what was going on. Which drew me into digging deeper and building a relationship with God. If I dont understand I will seek it out tell I know the answer. If its searching or asking pastor.

Speaking in tongues as the sign of  baptism of the Holy Spirit.

When people start adding their own interpretation to the World rather than letting it stand for itself  I feel included when I feel free to ask questions and discuss

I am terrible at memorizing scripture for some reason so any discussions with lots of scripture quoting always made me feel like I did not know my stuff!

I’m nervous if I don’t understand a question. I like when I can get others’ answers and learn from them.

I feel left out when I don’t know the topic. I can’t relate to what the other people are saying and then I get frustrated I feel included when I’m a able to participate in discussions and relate to what others are saying. Gives me room to grow!

I get lost in some of the history. When I hear others compare judges or prophets, I can get lost. However, I feel included in conversations where people reflect on how God’s word has impacted them. I also love historical context and I get so caught up in it.

Those that are over my head. I do not know my scriptures.. not memorized.

When I’m around discussions that are too focused on being “right,” I feel alienated.  I feel included when my heritage is seen as the foundation of Christianity and there is openness and fellowship.. like, say, WBC?

What makes me feel left out is if the moderator ramble on showing their knowledge of the word without giving others  a fair chance to participate.  What makes me included is having the opportunity to share my story and listen to the stories of others.

When I first started going to studies I had never prayed out loud before. The study was in my Pastors home and I was asked to pray. I was so nervous. But I’m getting better at it.

When people discuss all of the historical places and world events, I feel left out.

when I answer the way I understood it and get looks like I’m crazy and missed the point. It happens and it’s ok… I now believe it’s a blessing from God when it happens.

I become uneasy when there is someone in the group that takes a superior attitude.

Honestly all of them, I didn’t get much experience with a bible or church as a child, so I know nothing I’m completely new to this whole thing.

Sometimes I feel left out of bible discussions if they are with people I don’t know. I’ve joined a friend at her church for bible studies and I felt left out at first but after a class or 2, I felt comfortable. I do feel included right away when I do studies at my church where I know everyone.

Sometimes it is hard to understand the meaning in the Bible especially with some of the older translations.  That is why I enjoy Bible studies so much because they help me understand more.

The Old Testament makes me feel overwhelmed. The New Testament makes me feel more included as I understand it better.

At this stage of my life I, thankfully, don’t feel left out. I remember when I first started back in the mid ’90s I felt “left out” because I had no clue about the bible beyond the utter basics!

I remember attending a church group, and they were very negative and gossip-y. It was tugging my heart “I don’t belong here” and I knew it was not OK for me to be in that group. I feel included when the group is diverse, loving, and self-correcting. Christ focused works best for me.

I often feel left out when the Pastors are talking about Revelation and Bible  History. I feel included when at the very least I am acknowledged when I answer or remark.

the Bible is a hard book to follow. I personally love the way she breaks everything down to help you understand. Any study can be frustrating if you feel lost.

I feel included by talking with other people

I learned very early on that people want to feel included ans people want to see their names ans be asked to be included or acknowledged.  So with those things I’ve always made sure everyone knows they are welcome.  The Bible can be hard to understand as I do sometimes but it’s important that people know you don’t have to know it all to be there.  I’ve felt left out before at places bc I didn’t understand and it was awful

I suppose one where the questions are too cryptic or pointed and I can’t come up with sensible answers or comments and so feel I haven’t fully participated.

In my church group, we had a mixture of younger women with newborns and older women. When the younger women were absent the next week, I asked my leader where they went. She replied “We are the menopause group.” I felt VERY left out… because I was not in this med condition and because I wanted to be in diverse group.

I feel included when I feel that I can contribute to the discussion.  I feel left out when it is a lot of homework and I get behind.

I feel left out when I have not studied or an unfamiliar topic is being discussed. I feel included with this group because we are all on the same accord.

now that I have been in many Bible studies I don’t feel left out as much. Also since I purchased a NIB study Bible I understand more how each chapter is linked through many chapters and books in the Bible

I feel left out in Bible study when people start talking about all the verses they have memorized or referring to events/people that I have no idea where they are located.  I also have felt left out when I felt the Bible study was a ‘Hen party’ and not the purpose of the study.  I feel included when I have time to go over the material to be covered or am not just ‘called on’ to answer a question

I get lost when the author or teacher uses a lot of theological works. It’s hard to complete a study when I have to constantly look up words in order to understand what they are trying to communicate.

I feel left out when I feel judged

If I don’t know the topic very well, I feel insecure. There are some books of the Bible that I don’t know well. When I can engage confidently, I feel included.

Bible studies that I have not prepared for make me feel left out.

What makes me feel left out is when one person, who is not the leader, dominates the group. I tend to tune out and just think about my own thoughts. To feel included, I like when the leader gives everyone a chance to participate, but not be pressured into speaking.

What a great question…. probably eschatology…

Most discussions about Revelations.  I love the discussions here and in our local Bible Study.  I enjoy learning what others have learned in a study.  It gives me new perspective and often starts me thinking differently about a verse or a topic.

Bible studies where a leader preaches at you makes me feel uninvolved.  No sharing of thoughts. But a Bible Study with open questions and a study guide with questions makes me feel included.

I love times with those who have so much Bible scripture memorized, but I do feel left out a little because I don’t have all of those wonderful scriptures in my head or if I do, I don’t know where to find the verses. But again, I love listening and being edified by the word.

I feel left out when scholarly bible commentators discuss symbolic meaning. I feel included when it is related to something I have experienced or a common human thread.

I get lost when discussing end times. I love talking about Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

LO-memorizing scripture: I don’t work enough at memorizing.  Incl-any part of the bible that I’ve just studied, I feel more confident to contribute because the information is fresh in my mind.

when people ask me questions about a certain scripture or book that I don’t know (still in the learning stages). I feel I included when they talk about something I knew or studied

I’m not always very knowledgeable about the Bible but  some deep thought questions sometimes make me feel very lost as if I didn’t study enough. Being in this group you all  always make me feel validated.  I grow so much but reading your comments!

I’m always a little loss when biblical discussion focus on geographic regions. I need a map for a much deeper understanding. Biblical conversations that help me feel included are those that discuss His amazing powers to heal and preform miracles .

I feel left out when discussing exactly where verses are found. I usually have a general idea but exactly I get lost. Love the discussions about everyday issues. Those usually relate to my life.

I think what makes me uncomfortable is when the leaders pressure you. What makes me feel comfortable is when you’re able to think and are able to either keep quiet or answer in your own time.

I remember when I first began Bible study. I was hungry to learn, but it seemed like so much to take in. When conversations drifted to theological terms I didn’t understand, I felt lost and hopelessly behind. When people shared how the Bible passage impacted their own lives and listened openly without judgment to my first attempts to join in, I felt included.

What Are Women Saying About Bible Study Groups?

Q1: I also do not like where you go around the room and each person takes a question in order.  Feels like forced participation instead of shared.

Q1: I feel left out by cliques or Bible study sorority when I am new member of a church. These cliques make it clear I am not wanted or welcome. They gather at a table where I am not welcomed. It hurts.

Q1: I feel left out when I cant pronounce the Bible words, like cities or people.

Q1: Bible studies in a group are intimidating because I am afraid that I will look like I “don’t know my Bible”. This study, the author confessing her feelings and thoughts which sound like mine makes me comfortable from the start.

Q1: It’s difficult for me when people seem to know a lot more than I do. Or when they assume I know what they know. They know so much historical background, or the meaning of symbolism or poetic writing, and I just kind of sit there and nod. It always makes me feel better when someone draws me out and will take my contributions seriously. But – don’t put me on the spot, especially if I’m not totally prepared!

Q1 Some of the more difficult Bible studies did intimidate me  – I love Precepts but you truly need time to do such a study because of all the homework.

Q1  I feel left out when I can’t connect what I’m reading to the study.  And feel included when I truly understand the lesson.

Q1: Theocratic language made learning difficult; some Bible translations I was so lost and missing the message.

Q1: I feel left out when a group is not welcoming to new members or the discussion is dominated by one person.

Q1: I feel most included when everyone is authentic and non-judgmental.

Q1: Discussions about Old Testament events and characters as well as the Book of Revelation make me feel left out while I feel more comfortable with discussions from the Psalms, the Gospels and Paul’s letters.

Q1 I feel left out when I start comparing myself to others or when they seem to have a vast amount of knowledge compared to what I know. I used to feel intimidated when others could quote verses from the Bible and I couldn’t!  I feel included when others share their struggles and I realize that they are just as imperfect as I am.

Q1 – I don’t care for any kind of debates, especially over end times discussions. I feel included when everyone participates and is appropriately vulnerable… like this group! I love how we can share our real-life journeys!

Q1: Not so much left out, but uninterested when people get into debating topics never agreed upon. Like, don’t try to convince me there is just one answer to a question that’s been debated for centuries. I feel included and more interested when we get to application because God can give us various ways to apply His word to our lives.

Q1:  Bible discussions that are really intellectual make me feel left out.  I feel more included when the focus is on what the Bible tells us about God and the relationship He wants with us.

Q1: I don’t know if I have felt left out, but when people can recite from memory intimidates me a bit.  As for included, I’m not sure.

Q1: Our time here together makes me feel included! I would get frustrated when I read something and didn’t understand it right away. I often have to read and reread again. I would get discouraged and distracted.

Q1  I felt left out when everyone seemed to know more than I did and I didn’t feel I could ask questions.

Q1: Any Bible discussion that centers on whether the world was actually or figuratively created in 7 days. All of those discussions leave me cold because I think they miss the point. I like discussions which apply the Bible to what is going on in the world today.

Q1 – I remember when I first began Bible study. I was hungry to learn, but it seemed like so much to take in. When conversations drifted to theological terms I didn’t understand, I felt lost and hopelessly behind. When people shared how the Bible passage impacted their own lives and listened openly without judgment to my first attempts to join in, I felt included.

Q1 At the moment, most bible discussion leaves me feeling left out as I navigate being a new Christian.

Q1  I am not comfortable with the battles and sacrifices of the Old Testament, but love any discussions from the New Testament.  I am comfortable because I have spent many years as a part of Bible Quizzing involving teens.

Q1: I’ll be honest to say sadly it’s been a while that I’ve actually enjoyed any bible study with anyone frustratingly. In my current church there are no study grps can you believe it only Bible School to enrol in. So frustration right here. Agree with much being voiced above though!

Q1: I get really uncomfortable in debates also. I like to be able to share about the love of God and about how he works in our lives in the good and the not so good times.

Q1: Good morning! A little late! I have to say, Bible study is so much more fun compared to 30 years ago. I can draw on so much more wisdom I have acquired from His beautiful Word, and life experiences!

Bible Study Groups

As you can see from this article, Bible study groups are places to grow our faith. We cherish the answers given by others. We seek the answers in the Bible. And we connect by a mutual love for Jesus. Get connected to a local study group or an online Bible study. Walk by faith.


ASSIGNMENT FOR THE WEEK:  Complete WEEK 3 in your Seamless workbook. Let’s meet again next week and discuss what we have learned.


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