Our Seamless Bible Study Groups are discussing the beginning of Scripture. We are looking at the first book within 66 books of the entire Bible. In this first week of Seamless Bible Study Groups you will gather and discuss the beginning of the Holy Bible. How does the entire Bible story fit into one seamless message? Join these Seamless Bible Study Groups and discover the answer.

Angie Smith, author of the Seamless Bible Study writes about her earlier attempts to study the Bible. Perhaps you have a similar story of frustration (or feeling overwhelmed). What I enjoy about her testimony is how she encourages us to move past the obstacles. As we see from Angie’s personal story, the Bible is a beautiful Book.

My First Bible Group: Grandma and Me

I remember the first time I tried to study the Bible. My grandmother felt it was important to memorize King James verses. As we sat beside her knitting machine and created a masterpiece of yarn, Grandma would ask me to read from her King James Bible. It was a loving attempt to pass wisdom into the next generation.


Unlike my Grandma, I had a unique method to memorize things. I would create visual pictures in my young mind. Seeing something written on paper, or having a visual image of something, makes it “stick” in my memory. Just like Post-It notes.

Can you see where this is going?

Grandma was teaching me to memorize the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13 KJV) and “Our Father which art in Heaven.

Little me, with my visual learning style, was an EPIC failure. When Grandma made a sign of the cross and dropped to her knees, I knew I did something HORRIBLY wrong.

I was BLINDSIDED by my error and Grandma STERNLY affirmed my heretic behavior. Oh yes, we went there….

In my young mind I misunderstood the original Greek language from the Lord’s Prayer. The child in me saw visual image of God standing before an easel and doing ART. (Remember, I was sitting beside my grandmother watching her create art).

Here we go.

When tested by Grandma I said “Our Father who does art in Heaven.”

Yep. I failed miserably and Grandma wanted to shame me for my misunderstanding. She was quite successful.

The stigma of my childhood shame weighed on my heart. It kept me from drawing close to God because I was not seeing what the religious people saw. So I became afraid of learning the Bible. I felt damned by my own shame. The one thing I learned in my childlike attempt to learn the Bible was how it can trigger a stronghold of offense.

Yet today, the LORD has blessed me with the wisdom of His Word. I seek to understand the Holy Bible. I have solid friends who correct me in love and Bible professors who align me to the truth.

Now when I look up “art in Heaven” from the Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13) I know the original Greek meaning. It is Strongs G1722 phrase meaning a primary preposition (fixed) position (in place, time or state).

My childlike heart was able to find her answer and the Bible has captivated me as an adult!

What is your earliest Bible memory? Email me your story when you click here.

As you will discover at the Bible Cafe™ this week, our leaders encourage spiritual growth and transformation. Come to the table…we meet through Zoom Groups and Facebook Groups. I will see you there to discuss WEEK 1 from Seamless by Angie Smith.

ASSIGNMENT FOR THE WEEK:  Complete WEEK 2 in your Seamless workbook. Let’s meet again next week and discuss what we have learned.

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