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Scholarships for the Membership Site

We have a limited number of scholarships available for the membership site, available to women with a proven financial need. In exchange for a scholarship membership, you are expected to volunteer in an area of need at Bible Cafe™ Ministries. Scholarships are provided in 90-day cycles, allowing other women in need to fill your free space.

Book Scholarships

Since we do not publish or write books for our online Bible studies, we are unable to provide free copies to our guests. Please ask your local church or friends for assistance with book costs or borrow a book.

How to Apply

Fill out the contact form below. Our volunteer team will pray over each request. If we do not have room immediately, your name will be placed on a scholarship waiting list for membership site access. We do NOT provide scholarship books because we do not write or publish books.

Have you participated in past studies at the Bible Cafe?

What is your financial need?

Where would you like to volunteer at the Bible Cafe?

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