Inspired by the successful RISE UP Facebook Streaming Series birthed during the 2020 Pandemic. Hosted by Marriage CEOs Drs. Richard and Nephetina Serrano.

In this Book, Dr. Nephetina Serrano brings to you The RISE UP Anthology, 33 change-agents. Women entrepreneurial leaders from around the globe, local, state, and national women influencers. Women of Royalty, celebrity voices, musical icons, award winning journalist, financial gurus, socialpreneures, branding specialist, pageant queens and more. This Global book is represented by women connected to more than 7 countries. Brazil, Guyana South Africa, Hawaii, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Peru, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom & United States.

This trailblazing anthology, writers will expound on pivotal events and wisdom gained in their journey that have caused them to RISE UP from the proverbial ashes of life and shift into leading and building legacy, sharing key steps with readers of how to continue their legacies into future generations. Each author shares their personal stories from TRIALS to TRIUMPH leaving the reader with their W.O.W. (Words of Wisdom).

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