Welcome to the Revelation study! We are glad that you decided to join this summer study. It’s not too late to join us-just get the book Revelation: The Smart Guide to the Bible by Daymond Duck. We meet virtually in small groups with women around the world. During this Introduction Week, you will meet your leaders. You’ll notice each group has two or more leaders to keep the conversation flowing. To join our study- click here.

We provide our leaders with ten discussion questions each week. These questions are helpful to understanding and applying what you have read in the book. When you share your answers, we learn and grow together. Each week, we expect you to read three EASY chapters in the study book.

Revelation Introduction

When it comes to the Book of Revelation, people tell me they are “scared” to study it. Sometimes they’ll say, “The world is ending in our generation.” These thoughts are emotional and can magnify fear. Yet, when we open the Bible and start reading this important book, we are blessed!

My friends, fear is unhealthy. We’ve watched the entire world experience an unhealthy fear for the past two years. Instead of bringing us closer together, it pushed people further apart. Fear divides.

Our loving God does not desire unhealthy fear in His family. If you are a Believer in Christ, you are part of a worldwide spiritual family. What unites us is a mutual love for Jesus. Opening our Bibles we find the words “grace and peace.” Those words are for you. And me.

Reading Revelation together is an opportunity for unity in our spiritual family. Instead of finger-pointing, judging others, and dividing further apart, this beautiful Book draws us closer. When the world is saturated by fear, the Book of Revelation gives us hope and direction. It’s a place to grow spiritually, no matter when the end comes.

For the next two months, I want you to challenge yourself to ignore fear. If you tell people you are studying Revelation, you might trigger a spirit of fear in someone who does not study Scripture. Or, if you know a Pharisee, they can make you feel inadequate by elevating their religious spirit. Don’t take the bait of discouragement!

Stand firm, open your Bible to Revelation, and be blessed.

Christine Abraham writes for the Bible Cafe™ community. Learn about living by the Fruit of the Spirit as you enjoy her online Bible studies. Join Christine at the Bible Cafe™ University for weekly Bible teaching.