Our Bible Cafe™ Revelation study is finished. Congratulations on completing this wonderful study. May you be forever blessed. This is a book you should read more than once. The second time you go through the study, invite a friend. You can find the study online at Bible Cafe™ University.

Congratulations on finishing your Revelation study! I have studied Revelation in Bible college and what I liked about this study is the slower pace. I did not feel rushed and I did a deep, deep dive into each chapter. Using five commentaries, I have underlined, circled, and written notes for my understanding. It was a beautiful experience and with certainty, the words BE BLESSED have great meaning. I enjoyed this summer study.

Let us be glad and rejoice and give Him glory, for the marriage of the Lamb has come, and His wife has made herself ready. Revelation 19:7 NKJV

The Bride is you! The way you prepare is to put on the character of Christ, the Fruit of the Spirit, and sow seeds as you witness His love.

Daymond Duck reminds us, “When Jesus walked the earth, He did everything God asked of Him, down to the smallest detail.”  I found the descriptions, symbols, and numbers to be fascinating in the Book of Revelation. These details foretell the future…and the prophet John was describing things his generation had not seen. His word usage and details – such as the 12 foundation stones- help his original audience understand the revelations.

Remember, when John wrote down the visions and revelations, the original audience did not have written books as we do today. So his writing is crafted to help them visualize something that was originally spoken (not read).

In Heaven, we will worship, learn, fellowship, serve Jesus, and judge angels.  I am not interested in being a judge of angels (or anyone). On this side of eternity, I am saturated 60+ hours a week in learning, fellowship, and serving Jesus. So for me as a ministry leader, I would want to worship nonstop and celebrate His love and goodness. I’d like to rest at His feet.

Daymond Duck writes, “God knows how to make Satan look like a pauper.” For the original audience, it was common in their literature to compare good and evil, rich and poor. So the prophet John uses this common imagery, to describe the new world and eternal living. His words help the original audience “visualize” something in the future. In our modern audience, the imagery would be similar yet different. The Holy City is beautiful like a Bride on her wedding banquet.

God is my Judge. Jesus is my Redeemer. And so, the list of the ungodly is a resource too for righteous living. No matter how many times each generation tries to rewrite God’s Word, His original Bible stands the test of time. If you want to enter Heaven as His Bride, then you willingly choose to live a godly life. Period.

Revelation is an unsealed prophecy in the Bible. Why do you think this book was included for future generations to read? This was a risky book for the prophet John to write, from prison. When I think about his physical position, age, and Patmos where he was placed, John probably thought he was near the end of his life. So this prophecy was unsealed because it was most likely safer for him than a future prophet.

My understanding is that John was one of the last of the 12 apostles when he wrote Revelation. This was his eyewitness account. He walked with Jesus, knew Jesus, and was a beloved disciple of Jesus. The credibility of the Book of Revelation has been stamped by God!

After finishing your study of Revelation, I recommend the book “Share Jesus Without Fear” by William Fay and also the book “Surviving a Spiritual Mismatch in Marriage” by Lee Strobel (good for witnessing to adult kids too)

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