Welcome back to the Bible Cafe™ Revelation study. We are on week five as we continue learning about future events from the Bible. This book is so fascinating I find myself reading it again and again. Rich with wisdom about our future as both Believers and non-believers- grab your Bible and start reading Revelation.

What motivates you to completely read the Book of Revelation? I have a desire for wisdom and so I am interested in understanding- not just reading- the Scriptures. Because Revelation is considered confusing, I am not rushing through this and I’m digging as deep as I can. I know from experience, that it might be many YEARS before I dig this deep into the Book, so I want to enjoy every moment of Today!

In our study book, Mark Hitchcock identifies eight characteristics of the Antichrist: intellectual genius, oratorical genius, political genius, commercial genius, military genius, religious genius, and Gentile, from a reunited Roman Empire.

Many people past/present have some of these characteristics. But not ALL of them combined. The fact that we are given ALL characteristics helps us check the boxes. I read on one commentary this week, that there will be MANY antichrists throughout history because satan is planting his seeds. But only one will have the power of the satanic trinity.

Daymond Duck writes, “Everything the Antichrist does is given or granted to him.”  And so it’s comforting to remember the antichrist is a created being, just as angels and demons are created. He’s not God, Christ, or the Holy Spirit. All created beings- us included- have limited power and authority. The Book of Job is a good character study for satans power/or lack of power.

David Jeremiah believes it is comparatively easy to be a Christian now, versus in the future. Today is much easier than the Tribulation Period, Why choose conflict and pain when you can choose LOVE today??? God has given us free will to make a choice. He does not force us into faith. He does not manipulate us into love. He is God…and we KNOW Him as we study, worship, and pray!!

For those who perished…that is a CHOICE.

For those who loved…that is a CHOICE.

The Holy Gospel is an eyewitness account of the faith. The false gospel is a fabricated opinion based on worldviews. The false gospel attaches itself to the True Gospel, so those weaker in faith cannot discern fact from fiction.

Do you believe there will be an absence of churches in the future? Perhaps more home churches or tent churches. Watching the generation coming up behind me, I see fewer and fewer young people attending a local church. Churches depend on donations to keep the lights on, run the programs, and pay the preachers. If nobody attends, the model of the church as we know it today might change in 20-50 years.

People will be performing miracles. Included in this category are astrologers, mediums, tarot readers, fortune tellers, etc. They might be accurate but they are gathering their intel from demons, not God. These are the false prophets.

“Maintain a close personal relationship with Jesus, and you will never be deceived by those who are cheap imitations of Him.” (Holman Commentary)

“False signs include …psychic healers and modern mind-science techniques. ” (NIV Commentary)

As my faith has matured, I have benefited from different churches. This allows me to sit under the preaching and leadership of different teachers. If there is one world church, the dangers exist for Pharisees to resume religious domination.

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