We are studying the Book of Revelation at the Bible Cafe™ with people around the world. This week we gathered in small groups to discuss this important prophecy. Many of you have shared how much you enjoy the study book and your discussion groups. We are very grateful to our volunteer team for facilitating conversations that help you grow in wisdom.

After reading the first nine chapters of Revelation, what did you find most interesting? I find the similarities with the Old Testament very interesting. It’s a theme of judgment, First Coming grace, rapture, and Second Coming judgment called the Tribulation Period. Beautifully written with love

Before Bible college, I used to fear Revelation, but now I feel empowered by it and I am looking forward to reading this “guidebook” for spiritual survival.

In Revelation 7:1, four angels hold back the judgments. This reminds me of God’s heart in the Old Testament, before the destruction of S. and Gomorrah, where Lot was spared. After the plagues of Egypt, the Passover. New Testament, many times grace is offered rather than judgment (woman at the well, Mary of Bethany, etc).

Before Bible college, I thought angels were fantasies and church icons. I saw people worship them and it made me uncomfortable. After Bible college, I researched the subject called “angelology” and studied the angels in Scripture. Now I believe they are real because the Bible tells me so. The study of demons is called “demonology” and yes, they are real too. Look at the New Testament when Mary was delivered from seven demons.

If a person says “This is Real” you need to check that. Look in your Bibles, find your evidence, and read those eyewitness historical accounts. If we do not align our thoughts with Scripture, we can be misled by what the world believes (such as tarot readers, astrology, fortune tellers, and mediums). People today believe these false prophets more than they will believe the Holy Bible.

According to Daymond Duck, “Judgment is not God’s first choice, but patience is.” This is the same heart of God we see in the Old Testament at Passover. The judgments snowball, and each one is harsher than the last one. But God has marked those who believe…and the Tribulation judgments will pass over those new converts. God is patient. Rather than destroy everyone and everything like the flood of Noah, God now waits for people to hear the voice of Christ and follow Him.

What is your understanding of the phrase “woe, woe, woe” from Revelation 8:13?  If the Bible repeats a word twice, this means very important. If the word is repeated three times, it’s Hugely important. Woe appears 106 times in the KJV, but this is the only time it’s repeated three times. It means “a primary exclamation of grief”

Why would unbelievers in the Tribulation Period cling to idols and demon worship, rather than repent? In my opinion, people do not want to stand out from a crowd, and so in these Revelation end times, the Bible tells us that idol worship and satanism are “common.”

Think about the foods that we know are bad for us. Do we still eat them? Yes. And so, even though people know idols and satanism are not healthy, it will be as enticing.

Despite God’s judgments during the Tribulation Period, His glorious grace will still emerge. Let’s anchor to faith, not fear.

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