Welcome back to the Bible Cafe™ as we continue our Revelation study. I am very impressed with your desire to learn and share insights in your small groups. Well done my friends! Let us give a big appreciation to our volunteer leaders who make the Bible Cafe™ experience enjoyable for all. We love our leaders very much.

Revelation Online Bible Study

This is my favorite week in the study. Author Daymond Duck clears up the confusion about tribulation, rapture, the four horsemen, and the seven scrolls. He writes, “Because human words cannot describe what John saw, he used symbols to help us.” You do not need a theology degree to understand this. Remember the Bible says those who read Revelation are blessed. The blessing comes as you put your heart and eyes on the Word of God. He will guide you to understanding… verse by verse.

As we study the future described in Revelation, John reminds us about the promises of God. As further encouragement, Daymond Duck observes five people who have been raptured: Enoch, Elijah, Jesus, Philip, and Paul. None of these men died a physical death. Eyewitnesses saw the men “taken up.” Based on historical evidence, we know the possibility of the rapture is real for Believers.

Notably, Lazarus is not included in the list. He died twice, physically, and was not taken up (raptured without a physical death) as the other men were. Do you understand the significance and importance of this happening before the Tribulation Period? It gives us hope for the future.

What other religion had their leader experience physical death, and then come back to life again? Absolutely none. Jesus demonstrates unselfish love. The Antichrist will try to mimic Christ, buts it’s not in his nature to be unselfish and so he will be exposed.

Our study this week is helpful for your understanding of the kinsman redeemer. Some observations to remember: He is a family member, and He pays off a debt. That’s Jesus. In the Old Testament, this was told through the story of Ruth and Boaz. If you want to study this further, open a Bible concordance such as YouVersion or BibleGateway, and in the search box type “redeemer.”

For I know that my Redeemer lives, And He shall stand at last on the earth. Job 19:25 NKJV

In Revelation, we are blessed to realize Jesus is our kinsman. He is a member of our spiritual family. With unselfish love, He has prepared a future home for us in eternity.

If Jesus is the kinsman redeemer, then Jesus is your family member. Pause and think about that. He is your family…not some supernatural guy in an ancient book. Not only is He your family, but He is also your Bridegroom. Which symbolizes an eternal “transaction sealed in love.”

Jesus wins.

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