A new Bible study by author, speaker and Bible teacher Heather M. Dixon: Renewed: Finding Hope When You Don’t Like Your Story. Heather helps us find the courage to live by faith. Maybe its a past story of hardship or current story with troubled waters. Perhaps a place where we lacked determination and courage. In her writing, speaking and teaching author Heather M. Dixon brings our hearts to “the rescue” of God!

Trust God with your story–even the hard chapters.

Renewed, a four-week Bible study by Heather M. Dixon, explores the life of Naomi as told in the Book of Ruth. As women turn the pages of this story, they will learn to flourish as they live their hard stories and trust that God can transform them.

With insight from her own journey of living with a story that is not easy, Heather teaches women to flourish through a willingness to trust that God can transform them and trade their heartache for hope. They will learn to rely on God’s movement in the details of their story, even when it can’t be seen, gain confidence to act in the part of their stories that they can change, and watch expectantly for God to redeem the parts they can’t.

Explore the study including a Week 1 participant workbook sample and video session at www.AbingdonWomen.com/Renewed

Author Bio

Heather M. Dixon is an author, speaker, and Bible teacher who understands living with a story that is not easy. Diagnosed with an incurable and terminal genetic disorder that she inherited from her mother, she is passionate about encouraging and equipping women to trust in God, face their greatest fears, and live with hope, especially in the midst of difficult circumstances.

Her popular blog The Rescued Letters is the story of a simple girl from a small town who has been rescued by God’s grace more times that she can count. This is the story of two words spoken in silence on a quiet summer morning. This is the story of a faithful God, gracious enough to prepare the heart of a weary and doubtful follower. This is a story of hope found at the end of every dark road. This is a story about the power of the collective prayer. This is a story about choosing life, even when the path set before you is not the one you would have chosen.

When she is not blogging at The Rescued Letters or speaking at women’s conferences and events, Heather loves to make the most of everyday moments such as cooking for her husband and son, checking out way too many library books, or unashamedly indulging in her love for all things Disney.

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