Surrendered Bible Study

Surrendered Bible Study

6-Week Online Study Based On The Book Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus by Barb Roose.

Explore the Biblical concept of testing and wilderness seasons. Learn how to apply the teachings of Jesus to your modern life.

Are you facing a problem that you cannot fix, no matter what you do?

In this study of Jesus in the wilderness, you learn six helpful tools for difficult seasons.

Learn how to navigate wilderness seasons. See what the Bible teaches us about testing our faith.

You cannot live like Jesus when all you’re watching is the television news. You cannot live like Jesus when your eyes are fixed on your misery. You cannot live like Jesus when your only source of advice is from the worldview.

But my friends… you CAN live like Jesus when you read the Bible and apply what you learn.



6-week study

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Did you miss Bible study at your local church?

Perhaps you are still quarantined in a pandemic?

Now is a great time to focus your heart on Jesus.

The Bible Cafe™ leaders are ready to carry you through this study on wilderness seasons.

Many of us- like you- have experienced the testing of our faith.

Together in the community, we will encourage one another to surrender, let go, and live like Jesus.


Have you ever felt like you were living in the wilderness?

Barb Roose shares her personal wilderness story through six weeks of the workbook study. If you are in a current wilderness, a past wilderness, or have not experienced this “testing season” yet- the Surrendered Online Bible Study is PERFECTLY timed for you!

When you read Surrendered by Barb Roose, you will find a simple-to-follow workbook format. There are five daily lessons and each lesson will take about 20 -30 minutes of your time.

When you look at the book reviews you will see words like “awesome” and  “this study changed my life.” At the Bible Cafe, we enjoy facilitating studies where people are growing their faith!

ADAPTED FROM THE BOOK: Surrendered: Letting Go and Living Like Jesus by Barb Roose. If you live internationally, we recommend the Kindle ebook.

Optional: Teaching videos from Barb Roose are copyright-protected and available through Amplify Media.

Bible Cafe™ Ministries LLC facilitates online Bible study programs. We are not affiliated with this author or publisher.

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