Psalms Seeking Calm Bible Study


Be committed to keeping calm whenever the world is saturated with fear. Learn how to draw closer to God by expressing your feelings and learning to worship Him. 


Seeking Calm- A Study of Psalms

8 Week Online Bible Study

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Course Description
Book of Psalms Bible Study Lessons. In this Psalms study you will learn the SOAP method. If you want the structure of daily lesson plans, use the suggested workbook or the recommended commentaries for Psalms. 

Learn to seek peace in times of difficulty and express your emotions to God

Examine the Book of Psalms and you will learn how these writers found strength in hard times. They celebrated in good times. They connected with God through prayer. The Psalm writers did not always use language of encouragement. Sometimes they expressed their bitterness and raw hurts. And so we can too. Sometimes it’s okay, to be vulnerable, so God can restore our peace. Learn how in your study of Psalms

SOAP Bible Study Method

SOAP is a method of Bible reading which follows this format. Many will use a journal, colorful pens, and creative worship. Others will keep it simple with a sheet of paper and write one paragraph for each of these four parts:
  • Scripture – Read a Psalm and write down a verse or two that captures your attention.
  • Observation – What are your personal observations from this Scripture?
  • Application – How does it apply to your everyday life? What can you do to apply this in your life today?
  • Prayer – Write a personal prayer based on your observation and application.

Bible Cafe™ Psalms Study Resources

These are optional resources, our discussion questions will be based solely on the Book of Psalms. These are NOT required for the study. Use the Bible and a SOAP study method (we will teach this), or a commentary/study Bible method, or the Beth Moore workbook if you like a daily lesson format.

Beth Moore: Stepping Up Through Psalms of Ascent– available in ebook, print, or iTunes.

Beth Moore Video and audio teachings available for individual use via Lifeway.

Holman Old Testament Commentary: Psalms 1-75 and Holman Old Testament Commentary Psalms 76-150

Warren Wiersbe: Psalms: Glorifying God for Who He Is – available in Kindle or Print


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