Journey to Ministry Bible Study

Journey to Ministry

When God calls women to serve we enter a new journey. Learn equipping, leading, growing and overcoming challenges. Helpful lessons for women called to serve at home, work, or in a church ministry.


A Journey to Ministry- Discover Your Calling, Purpose and Destiny

5 Week Online Bible Study

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Course Description
Bible Cafe™ Study for women serving God. Pastor Jamie Morgan shares her journey and encourages other leaders who are stepping into the role. This course is designed for churches, small groups, friends, or independent study. Once you join you’ll have access to five teaching videos and a printable Study Guide.

Are You Walking in Your Calling? Through Jamie Morgan’s journey to ministry you will discover yours.

Jamie demonstrates God will blast through any obstacle that gets in the way of answering God’s call on your life. Allow her story to inspire you to step out in faith to do whatever God leads. In this interactive course you will actively pursue your own calling and discover:

  • Signposts to help reveal your call
  • How to articulate and defend your call
  • Encouragement to take the first steps
  • How to recover from setbacks and disappointments
  • The seven prayers that will change your life• Recognizing ministry seasons and reasons
  • Stewarding your God-given platform
  • The importance of a godly mentor

Required Book (not included)

Morgan, Jamie. A Journey to Ministry: Discover Your Calling, Purpose and Destiny. CreateSpace Independent Publishing, 2018.

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Journey to Ministry: Discover Your Calling, Purpose and Destiny by Jamie Morgan is available from Amazon. If you live internationally, we recommend the Kindle book which you can read on a tablet device or your computer.

In Journey to Ministry: Discover Your Calling, Purpose and Destiny by revival  Pastor Jamie Morgan you find encouragement for the journey. She has walked the shoes of resistance, confrontation, deception and RESILIENCE. Get advice from Jamie as she mentors you through her course!

This study covers these Christian topics: Church Leadership. Women in Ministry, Opposition, Obedience, Prayer.

Course Instructor

Course Instructor

Lead Pastor AOG and National Prayer Committee

JAMIE MORGAN is an ordained minister of the Assemblies of God and lead pastor of Life Church in Williamstown, New Jersey. She obtained her master of arts degree in practical theology from Oral Roberts University and is currently pursuing a doctor of ministry degree from the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary. She is also a graduate of Dr. Mark Rutland’s National Institute of Christian Leadership, a member of America’s National Prayer Committee, and serves on the five-person Assemblies of God Prayer Committee.


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