Fight Back With Joy Bible Study by Margaret Feinberg

Fight Back With Joy

Celebrate more, regret less, and stare down your fears. Joy is more than whimsy on a coffee mug. It’s a tool we can use to fight life’s greatest battles.


Fight Back with Joy

6 Week Online Bible Study

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Online Bible study based on overcoming fear. During this 6-week Bible Cafe study you will discover the mindset of Christ and apply Biblical truths to every battle you face. This study is not overwhelming in homework. It is created for women who need those “joy bombs” in life.


Learn how joyful people have a secret to success. What are they doing to “poke holes in the darkness.” As you walk with Margaret through her breast cancer journey, you will discover a hidden joy. This joy radiates into the surgery room. It shines during physical healing. It carries family and friends through as they watch what cancer does to someone they love.

Margaret writes, “As I began to explore joy, I soon recognized the close connection between love and joy. Whenever love walks in the room, joy is close behind. If love brings chips, then joy adds guacamole. They travel together, camp together, have sleepovers together. The reason we can experience joy is because of God’s fierce love. Joy flows out of God’s affection for us.”

While many are writing gratitude journals, Margaret Feinberg teaches her students to create a “Joy Bomb” journal. By the end of this course you will have an understanding of joy in all times. Something many Christians struggle with as they face trials and hardships.

For this Bible Cafe Study you will complete 5 daily lessons each a week. These are easy and comfortable. Not complicated lessons for difficult times on your life. We want to help you to grow in faith and draw closer to God.

Required Workbook

Fight Back With Joy by Margaret Feinberg

Fight Back With Joy Study Resources

Required Book: Fight Back With Joy Study Book by Margaret Feinberg available from Margaret Feinberg, Amazon, or favorite bookstores.

Optional: Teaching videos from Margaret Feinberg are copyright protected and available through They are not shown on our website.

In Fight Back With Joy by Margaret Feinberg, you will find a courageous woman who knows God. She brings her faith into the cancer room, where her greatest battle is her mind. She brings faith to her community, where her greatest battle is unbelief. She carries the JOY of Christ into her battles. She is His witness. She helps women like you learn to stand in victory and joy- no matter what you face in life!


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