Women of the Bible


10-Week Online Bible Study Based On The Book Women Of The Bible: Smart Guide to the Bible by Kathy Collard Miller.

Explore the famous and not-so-famous women who are recorded in the eyewitness stories. Embrace the truth that women matter to God. Meet the Old and New Testament’s most influential women. 

Does God Have a Purpose for Women?

In this Smart Guide to the Bible, explore the themes of Women of Strong Faith, Women of Power, Women of Wisdom, and Women Victimized by Men.

Discover the Bible truths about Women of Weak Faith, Women Helped by Jesus, Women Who Followed Jesus, and Women in Ministry

Find answers about Women Who Struggled and Women of Faith.

Her Story. Your Story.


If you wonder what the Bible says about women, then this is the right study for you.

Discover your identity through the Holy Bible.

Explore the famous and not-so-famous women who are recorded in the eyewitness stories. 

Embrace the truth that women matter to God.


Women of the Bible, part of the educational and inspirational Smart Guide to the Bible series, introduces you to the Old and New Testament’s most influential women, both young and old, shy and bold. Through their struggles and situations, you’ll discover the many blessings of being a wise and faithful woman of God.

The Smart Guide to the Bible is a series of simplified commentaries designed to uncomplicate God’s word for everyday Bible readers. Every page contains handy features or learning aids like these:

  • cross-references to other Scriptures
  • brief commentaries from experts
  • points to ponder
  • the big picture of how passages fit with the entire Bible
  • practical tips for applying biblical truths to life
  • simple definitions of keywords and concepts
  • interesting maps, charts, and illustrations
  • wrap-ups of each biblical passage
  • study questions

Whether you’re new to the Bible, a long-time student of Scripture, or somewhere in between, you’ll appreciate the many ways The Smart Guide to the Bible: Women of the Bible goes far beyond your typical Bible study tool. The practical, relevant help on each page leads you to get the most out of God’s word.

ADAPTED FROM THE BOOK: Women of the Bible: Smart Guide to the Bible by Kathy Collard Miller.

Book available from ThriftBooks, ChristianBook, Amazon, or Kindle. Please use the Kindle version if you are unable to find a print copy.

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