When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Bible Study

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A guide for authentic repentance and restoration, this powerful study will reframe your past and break through a stronghold of shame or regret.

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Can we be seduced by Satan?


It is reported in the headlines, confessed in the pulpits, and hidden in the pews in churches around the world. The seduction of God’s people by the deceiver is a tale as old as the Garden, but we are always surprised when it happens.

We must realize that Satan is a lion on the prowl and we are his prey.

Beth Moore writes with a passion fueled by the Biblical warnings of the schemes of Satan’s seductive activity and the broken-hearted concern of a teacher who receives countless letters from repentant Christians limping on the road to finding restoration.

Because we live in a generation where experiencing God is essential to resisting worldview pressures.




7-week study

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Delivering dire warnings to Christians to safeguard themselves against Satan’s attacks, Beth Moore reveals how you can know if someone is vulnerable.

Beth writes, “We, Christ’s church, are in desperate need of developing His heart and mind in issues like these.”

She fears that often God is far more merciful than the Body of Christ is with the deeply repentant and those desperate to find their way home.

When Godly People Do Ungodly Things will be a guide to authentic repentance and restoration.




Have you ever wondered why you do the things that you know are wrong? Is there something you regret doing that pulled you away from God?

Often we move, not Him. In this study, you will learn about spiritual captivity and spiritual warfare.

BOOK: When Godly People Do Ungodly Things by Beth MooreOptional Beth Moore teaching videos are copyright protected and available at Lifeway.

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With each video session, you’ll get a printable worksheet with discussion questions. This will help your thoughts flow. Then when you watch the video, you’ll be ready to journal what came up for you. Most students find it powerful to learn how others are having similar struggles and hear the creative ways they are showing up for Jesus in the chaos of their lives.

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CHRISTINE ABRAHAM | WBC Group Monday 12pm Eastern | BCU Zoom Groups Tues, Wed, Thurs at 12pm Eastern

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM | WBC Group Monday 12pm Eastern | BCU Zoom Groups Tues, Wed, Thurs at 12pm Eastern

Bible Cafe™ Founder & Director, Author, Leadership Coach

CHRISTINE ABRAHAM is the Bible Cafe™ Founder and helps people understand the Bible, fellowship in small groups, and develop a lasting relationship with Jesus. She earned a Graduate of Theology degree in Biblical Studies from Liberty University. Christine has facilitated more than 100 Bible Cafe™ studies. She is a popular Christian Life & Leadership Coach. She lives in California with her husband and two rescue dogs.


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When Godly People Do Ungodly Things Online Bible Study

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