It’s Momplicated Bible Study


7-Week Online Bible Study Based On The Book It’s Momplicated: Hope and Healing for Imperfect Daughters of Imperfect Mothers, by Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay.

Let’s face it: when it comes to mothers and their daughters, things can get a little . . . complicated. Momplicated, you might say.

How do the effects of your mother-daughter relationship follow you into adulthood?

When you hear the word mother, what happens? Do you get a rush of love or a flare of anger? Does it conjure a pleasant memory or a painful flashback?

Maybe you feel guilty for even picking up this book. After all, in a lot of ways your mother is great. But for some reason, after talking to her, you are tense and irritable.

Learn how to be the daughter and mother God wants you to be…even if your mom wasn’t who you needed her to be.

Because, it’s Momplicated.


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This is a HOT topic on generational relationships and how they impact our lives today.

As Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay discussed Its Momplicated on the Today Show, Debbie says, “It’s not about me it’s bigger than that!”

The book gives women the courage to address their mother-daughter relationships and ignite spiritual healing.

It’s never too late to love, never too late to heal, and never too late to trust God to turn the pain in your story into a redemption song.


If you have conflicting feelings toward mom―or if you wish you could get past some of the baggage that holds you back―this is your book. Combining spiritual disciplines and the best of current therapeutic practice, It’s Momplicated will help you discover

  • How your early connection with your mother may have impacted your sense of self and your other important relationships―and what you can do to break the cycle
  • Why you and your mother have the relationship you have―the underlying reasons that may be contributing to strain and unease
  • Tools and exercises to help you cope with some of the most common effects of a broken relationship, including anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, and trust issues

As you read It’s Momplicated, you’ll realize that while God doesn’t promise to fix all your circumstances, He does promise to uphold you and lead you to a healing place of knowing you are truly precious and loved, no matter how your past has affected you.

ADAPTED FROM THE BOOK: It’s Momplicated: Hope and Healing for Imperfect Daughters of Imperfect Mothers, by Debbie Alsdorf and Joan Edwards Kay.

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