Know the Promises in the Bible with this online Bible Cafe study. Prayers and Promises of the Bible helps us Learn Promises Concerning Ourselves and Promises to Meet Physical Needs. This week was an encouragement for many participants in our small groups. What did you find most interesting from chapters 15 and 16?

Several women in my Bible Cafe™ University group enjoyed learning when you have been sick for a while you forget what it’s like to be healthy. Our understanding of sickness is medical and textbook-based. This week we saw a spiritual view of sickness and it was very interesting.

We also studied hypocrites this week. People who made rules that were difficult to follow. Even Jesus could not live up to the Pharisees’ laws.

According to LeRoy Elms, Jesus chose men with human tendencies and failings, instead of highly cultured men with great intellect and wealth. What if Jesus chose the first disciples from the wealthy and intellectual population? In a historical context, what if he chose Aristotle, Plato, or Socrates to be his first disciples?

Jesus shows us that ordinary people can do extraordinary things through their relationship with God. And not the power of their intellect, power, finances, or influences.

We are born again through Christ. The old things pass away, and we experience a new spiritual life. Praise God!

Now, you have the Presence of Christ through the Holy Spirit in you. He goes where you go.

Have you witnessed a generous blessing that was not “money or things?” These are testimonies of faith. My neighbors loving me was an abundant blessing. They showed me the love of Christ when I was still a prodigal. Through their prayers and kindness, I returned to the church and then to study the Bible.

The LORD is my strength and song, and He has become my salvation. Psalm 118:14 NKJV

Set your problems next to God. Don’t wear misery on your sleeve or made by the world on your clothing. Be set apart, born again, as a daughter of the one True King.

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