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What is the Greatest Promise in the Bible? There are more than 200 Prayers and Promises in the Bible. As we continue our study this week with chapters 11 and 12, we Learn Promises Concerning Our God and Promises Concerning Our Future. I like how the author of our study book uses summary charts, quotes, and sidebar definitions. These tools are helpful to a visual learner like me!

According to Psalm 51:17, God will not despise a contrite heart. A contrite heart is sincere. For reference, my grandfather was a prison guard for a notorious criminal and had many stories to share. I remember dinner table stories about prisoners who faked repentance just to get parole.

So a contrite heart in the Biblical sense is someone who truly is saddened and remorseful by their actions and seeks forgiveness to restore a relationship with God. Not because they gain the favor of man! Or to get paroled.

God searches and KNOWS the heart. He knows if you are since and humble in repentance or just verbalizing what others want to hear.

From the study book, we know It is impossible for God to die or sin or change. Or break a promise. That makes me think about the healthy boundaries we place upon ourselves today. Things we will not do, boundaries are self-imposed limitations.

Do you remember the time when you first realized that God loved you unconditionally and nothing you did would diminish His love? How did you feel about that? When I first realized God loved me unconditionally I asked to be filled with His Spirit! I then knew that my body, soul, and Spirit were His vessel and nothing could separate me from that. It was the most beautiful experience of my life! The Holy Spirit came upon me and showed me His love.

Since then, the thought of Jesus’ return comforts me. I see the opportunity for everyone to know Jesus and also the accountability for rejecting Him. So as a believer, I am comforted by the return and the glory and the magnificent display of the Groom.

Our study book reminds us, “Clearly, Christ is going to return… how can we best stay ready until quitting time?” We can make disciples and evangelize. To do this we live with the character of Christ and put on the fruit of the Spirit. We stay ready for His return and help others to know Jesus too!

Heaven is not an imaginary place.

The Bible has a great description of Heaven, in Revelation. If that is too much to explain, then a book such as The Heaven Answer Book by Billy Graham makes an excellent gift! Some of the questions people have about heaven: do we have the same bodies, will we recognize our relatives, do dogs go to heaven? I found these answers useful in the Billy Graham book.

Lastly, we learned the difference between conviction and condemnation this week. Conviction leads to a heart of repentance and change. It draws us closer to God. Condemnation leads to shame and away from God.

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