This is our third week of the Prayers and Promises Bible study. We’re learning the Prayers of Personal Distress and the Prayers of Petition. What did you find most interesting about chapters five and six from the Prayers and Promises of the Bible Study this week?

I found it interesting that after their prayer was answered, the people of God went from gratitude to grumbling. They forgot about His provision, protection, and goodness. We’re probably like this too.

We saw how “kingly comforts breed complacency.”  Our comforts today involve communication. I can instantly communicate with my family by text or cell phone- IN MY HAND. I can communicate with women in my Zoom groups who are in Ireland, Germany, and UK. These comforts expand my communication abilities. But, they do not fill my soul the way the Lord does. He is my satisfaction above all.

Phones can lose connection, Zooms and FB can go down, and technology can fail us. The Lord never fails! -Christine Abraham


As we learned this week, it is better to pray instead of answering back a slanderer. Because a slanderer does not speak for God, she speaks for the devil and essentially, a heart of selfish pride. So when she slanders, if we respond to her rants we give attention to the devil. Many times during my ministry, as I prayed FIRST, the Holy Spirit directed me to keep my mouth silent.

I’ve learned to tame my tongue and let Jesus avenge and tell the truth about me. -Christine Abraham

Earnest prayer is accepting God’s authority over me. And so if His outcome is correction, I accept that. If His outcome is a trial and suffering, I accept that. If His outcome is peace and green pastures, I accept that. And as we learned this week, if His outcome is silence, I accept that and trust Father God knows best!

We now know that the difficulties of high places and dry valleys can be a blessing. When Satan tempted Jesus after 40 days in the wilderness, he used the high places and the low. So that is a great model for us…if the devil KNOWS that God is present in both places, maybe we should too!

Dry bones can be revived to life. Mountains can be moved. The power of the TONGUE does both…speaking to these things and not “thinking” it will happen. Use your mouth for God.

How do you feel about praying for a “sign of guidance” from God? This is a controversial thought. I was taught in Bible college that Pharisees were corrected by Jesus for asking for “Signs and Miracles” (see Matthew 12:38). I was also taught from Isaiah 7:11 to “ask for a sign.” It seems this is circumstantial and based on the HEART of why we are asking. Do we ask in unbelief, or in faith?

“To truly engage God is to pray through every little detail.” -Jonathan Rogers, Smart Guide to the Bible

For example, if you are having a financial hardship 1) pray through your checkbook balance 2) ask God to examine your debts 3) let the Lord look at your spending habits and pray where you can save money 4) look at your planner and ask Him if you are making money in your job, or just wasting time pretending to be busy 5) ask Him to lead you to financial advisors to guide you.

This is engaging prayer. The Holy Spirit helps you to see the small details rather than the EMOTION of the situation. Focus on details.

King Solomon prayed to discern between good and evil. When is the last time you petitioned God for wisdom? On the day we started this study the devil threw some huge curveballs into my life. Immediately I asked God for discernment and direction.

Seek wisdom from God.

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