Welcome back to the God’s Promises Bible Study and our final week. Congratulations on completing the Prayers and Promises of the Bible study! This has been a beautiful journey of discovery. We finished our course learning Promises to Meet Spiritual Needs and Promises to Meet Ministry Needs. Thank you for joining me in this important study.

I like the 10-week format because it gives me more time to get to know someone and make new friends. A 1.5-month study is too short to get to know someone well. I also like this workbook series and hope we do another book in the fall. I like the resource in the back of the book too. A full list of 200 prayers and promises. We could…pray ONE each day for nearly a year!

Jesus resisted temptation by quoting the Old Testament.

When the devil is coming at me, I quote the Bible, not the news or “experts.” -Christine Abraham

When I am in my garden praying, I again quote the Bible and meditate on the words. When I am troubled, there it is again…the Bible in my heart! On social media, I quote pastors, authors, and Scripture to help people think about things above and not on the worldview. Since I detest politics, you’ll never find me quoting from that population.

God’s Promises Bible Study

What foundation are you building your life upon? I like this question! When I was a teenager I built my foundation on my appearance and acceptance by others. When I was a college student I built my foundation on my grades and degree. When I was a bride I built my foundation upon my spouse. When I was a Mom I built my foundation on keeping my kids healthy and safe. THEN… Jesus showed me my foundations were faulty and He spoke into my heart through the Bible. The more I listened to the WORD, the stronger my foundation became as my faith became the foundation for everything: parenting, career, marriage, finances, and health!

Now that we have learned 200 prayers and promises of the Bible, you realize some of God’s promises are often redundant. We tend to forget, and because the promise is so essential that we need to hear it more than once. This is why I encourage you to read the Bible daily, cover to cover, year after year. Remember His promises. Don’t wait for a Sunday sermon to be reminded.

The world is louder than God, it seems. Because we see more of the world and God is seen in His Word, His love, His Church, and His protection. What are YOU looking for? Eyes on Jesus.

My friends, you have everything you need to live a victorious life. During the last 3 years, I was reminded that we did not “need” a graduation ceremony for my high school senior. We did not “need” for her to live in a college dorm her first year and attend in-person classes. We did not “need” access to restaurants, hair salons, and shopping malls. When these were sheltered by a pandemic- we needed God and He was there!!

Therefore submit to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. James 4:7 NKJV

Have you ever leaned on your understanding instead of God? I would not want to be a Navy Seal recruit trying to lean on my own understanding! I would need the expertise of the officers who are training me. In faith, I need the expertise of God’s Word as my training manual and understanding.

Remember, the Pharisees had blind spots. They were judging people. And yes, we are prone to the same blindness today and need to be very discerning before we speak. We need to tame the tongue. We need to quiet gossip. We need to avoid the temptation to slander. That is the playground we are living in today. The same playground that Jesus experienced when He walked upon the earth.

We have entire ministries that judge people. We have authors who write books judging people. In one book I reviewed recently, the author named two popular authors who are “supposedly Christian” and my goodness, who is SHE to decide that??? Jesus decides, not us.

Be kind with your words. That is how you love your neighbors.

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