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Welcome to our Prayers and Promises Bible Study. This is the week to get started, meet your leaders, and learn how online study works. Don’t forget to get the workbook so you can study with me. It’s called Prayers and Promises of the Bible: The Smart Guide Series. I bought my book from Amazon.

During the last 12 months, my prayer life has been both intense and intimate. I have become more intentional about spending time writing down prayers and how God answers them. I’m far from perfect. I do observe the days I pray intentionally, I am more peaceful and content. How about you?

Praying constantly reminds me I am NOT ALONE. I am beside the Lord as I work, play, and sleep. When I go, He is there. Often He is there before I arrive. And so when I pray, I wait for His answer before I move. After the recent storm, my husband asked me to go to the beach to look at the waves. I prayed “God, if it is not safe for me to go then let me know.” Just 5 minutes later we had a squall with hail. That was the answer I needed and I stayed home.

Prayers and Promises Bible Study

When we pray constantly we communicate with Our Father. Not people. Our Father. He is the one with wisdom and protection.

When we pray we are in fellowship with someone who loves us: Jesus.

When we pray we have the ear of the Holy Spirit, who intercedes and groans on our behalf.

If you think you are too broken or too sinful to pray then you are listening to the wrong spirit. The spirit of God invites prayer and the false spirit of Satan says you “can’t pray.” Rebuke the devil.

When you think about a promise in the Bible, which one comes to your mind first? The first one I think of is that God promises eternal life for those who believe in Jesus.

I am looking forward to learning the Promises of God in the Bible because I know they will impact how I pray. When I write down the promises I can pray them back to God. Or share a promise with a friend who needs to be encouraged.

Many times God has answered my prayers and I look forward to sharing these stories with you in the upcoming weeks.

This study and workbook format fascinates me. I am interested in classic Bible studies and solid theology. I am pulling back from studies that look like self-help books or counseling. I truly want to focus on Jesus, not me!!

As we begin this study you can expect spiritual warfare to occur. Make sure you know someone who can encourage you and pray beside you. When I feel too weak to pray, I have a circle of friends praying for me and I reach out by text message.

As we study the Bible we grow in wisdom, you need to stay on the journey so you will not quit. This study is longer than most contemporary studies But, that also allows us time to create lasting friendships and get to know one another better.

Fellowship has helped me finish all my studies. Gathering here with you each week, I learn so much. So I keep up with the reading and love learning together.

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